An afternoon at home and the park.

This family is the sweetest! I had last seen them all a few years past during winter when they still lived in the city. The boys were a lot smaller back then and it was a lot colder too! This time, I got to meet them at their new home in the suburbs. They wanted to document this time in their lives after such a big change.

We all experienced the pandemic differently, but I know most families just wanted a little normalcy back into their every day lives after so much time away from each other. A fun photoshoot at home was the perfect way to bring out the needed smiles.

The boys were so interactive with me and not afraid to smile and be silly in front of the camera from the start. We started at home and then made our way to a park nearby, staying cool in the shade. I’m so grateful to this family and all my other #egpfam families that allow me and my camera to glimpse a part of lives. I truly cherish these moments as I hope they all will too.

By the way, how cute is this first picture with their family dog?!

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