Visiting LA! {1/2013}

This January I visited a good friend who moved out to LA. I’ve never been to the west coast but I lucked out with Sunny days and warm weather each day I was there! I can’t wait to go back! 🙂

My friends and I decided to go for a walk…well HIKE, very STEEP hike…up to see the HOLLYWOOD sign. There are no protective fences so I recommend NOT walking too close to the edge. 😉

From one side you can see downtown LA. 🙂

Walk up a little higher and BAM there she is…HOLLYWOOD baby! 😉 It was such a cool thing to see and you really feel on top of the world up there.

It may have been the lighter air or the fact that I was standing over snake holes that forced this lovely pose for myself. 😉

Sun + Harsh shadows = US! 🙂

One of the last days in Cali we drove out to Santa Monica Beach…HELLO GORGEOUS DAY! 🙂

Laying out here listening to the ocean…yep…could get used to this! 😉

A walk down Venice Boardwalk to see all the different artists. So much fun!

SUNSET. 🙂 Finally getting to the watch the sun set…IN THE WEST! 😉
A couple getting their portraits done at sunset! 🙂

We stayed to watch the sun go down completely. JUST GORGEOUS. Now, to get a couple to hire me for a beach wedding out here! 😉

Hollywood Blvd. to see the STARS!

Yep, that is Nic Cage’s star…this one is for Jeff. 😉

Hollywood Blvd. reminded me a little of Time Square in NY, just warmer than my last trip there. 😉 They seemed to be stopping traffic for the filming of what we later heard was Iron Man 3….SWEET!

Thanks for stopping by! HUGS!


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