Vandini + Krishna : London House Proposal

I had seen London House many times walking along the Chicago river-walk and even heard about the location (Fort Dearborn) on PBS with Geoffrey Baer, but I had never actually been to the rooftop.  When Krishna contacted me about photographing his proposal to his girlfriend Vandini and said where it would take place, I couldn’t contain my excitement.

While visiting a new Chicago location is always exciting – especially with the amazing views down the river – the story behind HOW this proposal was actually going to happen WAY surpassed any expectations.  Even scheduling a time to talk on the phone required planning as Krishna was organizing this elaborate proposal all the way from INDIA!  After two very long flights, he landed in Chicago (for the first time EVER) the night before and we met at London House to go set up the surprise.  Vandini had been studying abroad in the US for a few months and was constantly telling Krishna to come and visit.  The whole time we were planning this surprise, she thought he was still in India without cell service.  It was PERFECT!

While it was a chilly evening, the sun was out making for some gorgeous city sites!

While the amazing vendors and designers helped to set up this detailed proposal, Krishna practiced his speech.

Leading from the elevator up the stairway and into the dome up top, the pathway was lined with rose petals and candles.

Alyssa from Exquisite Designs did an AMAZING job on the decor.

Krishna had London House create a pastry box to hold the ring.  (We even tasted it later and it was DELICIOUS!) 😉

After all the lights where set up and the petals down, we all tried to patiently wait with Krishna. Can you tell he was excited?!

Vinnie from Vinnie Hines Music played beautifully throughout the entire proposal. <3

The plan was to have Charlie (the amazing videographer from Charlie Hilbrant Films) meet Vandini and her friend down in the lobby, and invite the girls to participate in a fake commercial for London House.  They would come up to the rooftop where they would be greeted by Liz the photographer (ME!) who was taking behind the scenes photos. 😉

Welp, she fell for it and went up willingly.

To her surprise though, she noticed petals up the stairs and started to get curious…

And then the BIG surprise happened!

She spotted her boyfriend…IN CHICAGO…ON A ROOFTOP…when he was supposed to be in INDIA!


I’d say this is a VERY happy surprise!

You’ll have to watch Charlie’s video of the proposal as Vandini immediately started crying, which of course got me crying, and we were all smiling from ear to ear. 🙂

After the SWEETEST speech, Krishna picked up the custom pastry box and proposed.

I’m thinking she liked the ROCK…err I mean ring. 😉

“Oh my gosh it’s beautiful…and it fits!!!”



Time to pop the champagne and celebrate!

Krishna even had an engraving put inside the ring. <3

And of course brought out ALL the fun ‘Engagement’ signs to hold for pictures.

You two are adorable!

HA! Love this one!


<3 <3 <3

Everything about these two was so fun to photograph.  They were so happy all night and make the SWEETEST couple!

Let’s relive the proposal!!!



I couldn’t get over the sunset views over the city!

As the sun left us, we headed inside for pastries and drinks!

And family calls, of course!

When I say Krishna pulled out ALL the stops for this proposal, I mean it!

Even down to the little details for the food!



Congratulations and thank you for letting me be a part of the most beautiful night EVER! This surprise was so wonderful to witness AND photograph! I cannot wait to hear more about your wedding plans.  You two are the sweetest individually and make the best couple together.

So many hugs to you both!


BIG thanks to all of the amazing vendors! :

VENUE : London House

VIDEO : Charlie Hilbrant Films

MUSIC : Vinnie Hines

DESIGN : Exquisite Designs (Alyssa Gomez)

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