Twin Brothers in-home family session

It’s always so much fun when a past couple of mine contacts me to do family pictures.  This time, Liz and Mike were asking about photographing them with their adorable TWIN boys.  I couldn’t have been more excited to meet them.  They both looked so different, and so much like their parents and it was so fun to hang out with them all morning, running around their house with them.  Boys are exhausting! LOL!

We took pictures throughout the entire house but I loved the boys room.  It was custom decorated and so fun to use for a backdrop.

Check out their awesome wall!

As you’ll see throughout, the boys did NOT sit still for long. 😉

<3 <3 <3


They were also getting over a cold and a bit out of it for the first part of the pictures, but still so adorable all the same!



I love getting to photograph families at home doing what they do on any normal day.  So here we just let the boys play and be themselves.

And then Liam decided to go for a FIRST WALK!!!! Thanks for letting me get that on camera buddy! 😉

I try to always get a photo in front of the house so they have that when the kids are older.

Side note : All of those famed pictures in the background are from their wedding.  I love seeing that! Now you guys have new pictures to use! 😉

One of the favorite parts of the day, I think, for the boys was reading their favorite books with mom and dad.

Hi buddy! <3

And then the 1 year old onesies came out!

And all the props by Mom. 😉

Of COURSE we took some of just mom and dad! <3  It started with you two after all!

By the time I was about to head out, the boys got a 2nd wind of energy and started smiling and goofing off in their room again.

And of course making mom and dad run after them. LOL!

I’ll call this one : “Life with twin boys” <3 <3 <3

Liam’s many faces! HA!

And Weston with those blue eyes and round cheeks! <3

Such a cute family!

And everyone get together now! LOL!

THIS is a true family photo!

Thank you ALL for such a fun morning.  I loved meeting these cuties and see you two as parents.

I can’t wait to see how much they change as they grow up.  What a cool thing to be a part of their first year.


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