The Salzman Family : Summer Beach Session in Wilmette

Another AMAZING year with this sweet family!


Tom and Amber are the sweetest couple, and I have had the honor of photographing their big life moments for more than a decade now.  From engagement to wedding to many family sessions each year, I always have so much fun with them all.  But, can we talk about their adorable kids for a second??? I mean, come on!  <3 <3 <3 Will and Quinn are the sweetest (and keep scrolling until the end to see what I mean).  They are too cute together, and so silly and a blast to photograph individually as well. They have grown up so much since their last Fall session at Cantigny.


Every family session is an adventure, with all of my #egpfam families.  I don’t go onto any of them expecting to get the most perfectly staged photos.  What’s the fun in that?! 😉 I go in expecting to create some fun memories for that family on that day in that setting.  Amber and Tom always take my advice to heart…every time.  They let the kids explore, have fun, be themselves, and they KEEP SMILING the entire time.


I so appreciate you two for that!


This year, we met up in Wilmette at one of the only beaches we could find accessible.  They had been wanting beach pictures since the year before, and now with the kids a little older, it was so fun letting them run off and play in the water.  We might have gotten soaked immediately, but it didn’t matter.  I didn’t stop laughing and smiling the whole time. Driving home with wet jeans – TOTALLY WORTH IT! <3


Thank you Salzman family! This might have been my favorite one yet. Can’t wait until next time!

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