The Huntley’s : Family session at Olive Park

Meet the Huntley’s. 🙂

Eric + Megan + Emilyn + Allisyn + Cindy + Jack + Jackie + Frank

I was so excited to meet up with this group.

It’s the in-law family of my very good friend Megan.  We grew up together and it’s so cool to see how her family is growing.

I especially loved photographing her adorable little girls.  They are as pretty as mom and even cuter! <3

I mean, are you kidding me with those dresses and cowgirl boots?! <3




Such a beautiful family!

These girls are the cutest!!!

The youngest, Allisyn, was for sure the life of the party! She was making everyone laugh, including me! 🙂

Get ready for some sister cuteness overload…




Checking out the planes flying over Chicago.

All smiles. 🙂

Ok, seriously, blow this one up and frame it! In love!

Ah, the oldest Emilyn. <3

We had awesome weather for pictures along the Lake.

Mom, dad, and the kids. 😉

Awesome views of the city at Olive Park.

Grandparents are the bestest! 😉

Grandma and her girls. <3

I can’t get enough of these pictures.  These girls are so lovable!

Grandpa. <3

Dad and his little girl.

My beautiful friend Megan and her eldest.

Meg, you have always been a gorgeous lady, but as a mom, you are a true beauty. 😉

<3 <3 <3

Love these two!

Jacki & Frank. 🙂

This kid was so much fun to photograph!

mmmm…M&M’s! lol!

Emilyn was kind of done with pictures, but that doesn’t mean I was. 😉

I knew she still had a few smiles left.

Daddy’s make everything better. <3

<3 <3 <3

I turned around and found a game of hide and seek…

HA! Best reaction ever!

The girls weren’t really feeling this last picture…

haha I love the randomness. These kind of pictures are my favorite.

Such a beautiful and fun family!

Thank you all for making the trip downtown!

It was such a pleasure photographing your beautiful family and I loved seeing you and those adorable little girls! <3

I can’t wait to hopefully see you again very soon! 😉



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