Sarah + Lance : Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool Wedding

I asked Sarah & Lance : What was the most important aspect for you two when planning your wedding?
Their answer : To keep the wedding small and intimate. Not to get lost in planning a big wedding, but to feel present and appreciate each moment and each person who attended.
Sarah and Lance created a perfect day centered around this idea of ‘small and intimate’.  It was so much fun to photography and so unique.  Here is their story…
Vendors Included
Florist : Anna Held florists
Hair/Makeup : Kate Johnson Artistry
Dress : Christos
Shoes : Kate Spade
Suit : Nordstrom
Ceremony : Alfred Caldwell Lily Pond
Reception : RPM Steak
I started the day out with Sarah and the ladies at their home in Chicago where they were putting on the finishing touches of hair and makeup.  They had previously sent me a text picture of Sarah in the dress but seeing it in person was awesome!
It was so delicate and detailed.  And it was PERFECT for Sarah.

I LOVE a good detail shot!Sarah, you are a natural beauty!

The bridal party all together in their matching robes.  Love it!

Sarah’s sister helped her get dressed.  These two were so sweet together.


Last step, putting on her strappy Kate Spade shoes. <3

The first looks with dads are always the best!

Love these little moments right before we headed to the ceremony.  Last minute touches and a LOL moment between Sarah and her mom. 😉

Meanwhile at the Hilton Chicago, Lance and the guys were finishing up their last minute details.

The guys were hamming it UP for the camera! 🙂

Cheers to the groom!

As I was driving with Sarah, her sister, and dad to the ceremony, we spotted Lance walking up. 🙂If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool, it’s a must see Chicago location.

It’s so peaceful and beautiful and absolutely PERFECT of a small and intimate wedding.

The guests consisted of close friends and immediate family, all helping out to set up the details to make their day just right.

Before we knew it, it was time for Sarah and Lance to finally see each other…

LOVED Lance’s huge smile as Sarah walked down to meet him. <3

Check out this spot! It was like something out of a storybook. 

Sarah’s parents didn’t stop smiling the entire time behind her. 🙂

MARRIED!!! The picture on the right is one of my favorites.  They both have the biggest smiles!

We spent some time walking all around the pond taking pictures and utilizing the gorgeous setting before heading to dinner.


Seriously something out of a fairy-tale. <3 <3 <3

They were such troopers doing everything I asked for pictures.  Thank you both for just having fun with it. 😉

This location and the water was just so cool to use for pictures. Absolutely STUNNING!

I LOOOOOVED their details.

You two make a beautiful couple!

Sarah with her sister-in-law and sister. 🙂

The full wedding party. That’s one very lucky groom to be surrounded by all of those beauties!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME THOUGH?! So gorgeous! And the back of that dress is just amazingly detailed. I am a sucker for lace!

After all of the portrait fun, and before another ceremony promptly followed, we headed over the RPM Steak for a few toasts before dinner.

Sarah’s mom had tried to get everyone to blow bubbles at the ceremony, but I think it worked so much better for their grand entrance here!

A few heartfelt speeches by Sarah’s dad…

And Lance’s sister…

And we end our time together with an official cake cutting.

Thank you two for such a wonderful day to be a part of and witness.  I loved the simplicity of it all and you truly created an environment that was best for YOU as a couple.  That is all anyone could hope for.  I wish you both all the happiness in the world!  AND I hope you had a blast on your Safari honeymoon!  I have for sure added that trip to my own bucket list. (Another couple now knows my love for elephants) ;).

Thank you again for including me in your day!


Thanks to Melissa for all of your help throughout the day! 😉

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A little about Sarah & Lance & their wedding :

Q.  When did you meet?  Where?

A. We met in Washington, DC over 5 years ago. We were both working for the NRSC, same floor but different departments. We were friends for several months before we started dating.

Q.  When did you get engaged? Where?

A. We got engaged in June of 2016 in St. Louis. Lance proposed on the balcony of the Chase Park Plaza hotel.

Q.  How did the proposal happen?

A. The proposal was planned as the last event on a several day road trip than ended in St. Louis. Just minutes after arriving to the hotel Lance asked Sarah to come out on the balcony where he a ring waiting for her. She was still in gym shorts from the long hot car ride, so he definitely took her by surprise. As an additional surprise, Lance asked his sister Ashley and Sarah’s sister Emily to fly in an celebrate with them.

Q. What’s one thing about your spouse that made you realize you wanted to marry them?

A.  At the end of the day, they’re the person we want to be with the most. The person that we trust more than anyone else, and the person who we can turn to for support.

Q.  What was the most important aspect for you two when planning your wedding?

A. To keep the wedding small and intimate. Not to get lost in planning a big wedding, but to feel present and appreciate each moment and each person who attended.

Q. How did you choose your wedding venue(s)?
A. We wanted to get married outside in Chicago, and wanted a different place for the ceremony than the reception. The Lily Pond ended up being perfect, bc it’s within Lincoln Park, but you’re able to create a private sanctuary for your small wedding in the middle of the city.

Q.  What was your favorite thing about your wedding day?

A.  The reception. Good food, good friends.


Q. Where did you (or plan to) go for your honeymoon?

A. We went on an African safari. We ended up going to Botswana and to Tanzania.

Q.  Can you give any advice for future couples planning a wedding?

A. Do what feels right for you and not for anybody else. We could have easily bad a huge wedding, something our parents wanted, but we knew that a low key private event was what we wanted and reflected who we were as a couple.

Q. How did you hear about ME – your photographer?

A. My mother and sister were researching photographers and combed through all the wedding blogs. They also checked out yelp and your website as well. They appreciated you style and your strong reviews.

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