Plunkett Family : An afternoon at the Adler Planetarium

Talk about a gorgeous city day!  I was so excited when Tara contacted me to take pictures of her family.

Leading up to the day the weather was questionable.  But to be honest it always is…it’s Chicago. 😉

Parking over by the planetarium this Sunday morning, however, it was absolutely gorgeous.

I met up with Tara, her adorable daughter Lily, her parents and sister.  Thank you all for traveling to meet me! What a perfect day!

* * * * * * * * * *

Rick + Melanie + Shawna + Tara + Lily + Addison

The Plunkett Family

Lily and her mom. <3 <3 <3

At 4 years old, this girl is all sass!




Then we have Addison, one of the most well behaved dogs during a photo shoot ever!

(p.s. Addison was named after Addison street in Chicago!) 🙂

What a beautiful family! 

Lily and her grandparents.  I think she likes them! 😉

And if this isn’t the cutest portrait! <3

Addison stealing the show!

A SNEAK PEEK on Facebook.  The kids of the family. 😉

It was getting later in the morning and the sun decided to come out strong!

Sisters – Shawna & Tara

Love this!  I want a city-sisters picture! 😉

Mom and her gorgeous daughters (more like sisters).  They don’t look alike at all! 😉

Lily taking care of Addison. 🙂

The sweetest couple! You two are adorable together!

Love this one! Such a sweet mother/daughter picture. <3




Do you ever wonder what goes on in kids heads?

Lily just chilling on the Planetarium steps.  She was cracking me up!

Check out that smile!

Lily was so happy to hold Addison!

A few little moments between Tara and Lily.

Two true beauties. 😉

Another SNEAK PEEK on Facebook.  Just too sweet!

If you ever get a chance to walk past (south) the Planetarium, there is this little ‘stone‘ area and beach. It’s pretty cool!

Enough posing…this girl wanted to play. 🙂

Every little girl needs a picture like this with their Grandpa (Papa). 🙂 <3

Love this!  Tara you are such a stunner!

For sure Lily gets her gorgeousness from mom. 😉

Hello gorgeous brown eye’d girl!

Squishy face! HA!

Lily and her Grandma. <3

<3 <3 <3

Auntie’s are the best! 😉

Towards the end of the session, Lily started to get excited for pictures suggesting where to go next.


One of my favorites from the day. She is just too cute for words!

Going over to the flowers was a must! (According to Lily) 😉

The cutest little 4 year old!

What a gorgeous Chicago day!

Thank you Tara, Lily, Rick, Melanie, Shawna, and of course Addison for such a fun session!

It was truly a pleasure meeting you all and hopefully we’ll get to plan another one soon.



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