Pacific Coast Highway Roadtrip

Last year, we traveled West to the US National Parks.  We wanted to add California to that trip but just couldn’t fit it in.  So this year, we made it happen.  We spent 8 days traveling down the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) exploring the John Muir Woods, San Francisco, Big Sur, Morro Bay, Santa Barbara, Malibu, Topanga County, and LA.  We finished it with the most amazing wedding too! <3

But this post is all about what I captured on my camera.  California is GORGEOUS people! The light, the colors, the water, we loved it all and can’t wait to go back!

So here we go…Driving over the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge on day 1 was foggy.  But on the other side we found clear skies with the clouds behind us.  We figured we would just have to come back the next day to see it all.We had at first planned to go walk through the John Muir woods, but to our surprise found out they require reservations.  So to anyone visiting, MAKE SURE YOU RESERVE YOUR VISIT AHEAD OF TIME!  We luckily got in the next afternoon.

For reference, here is the site you go to in order to reserve your spot : JOHNMUIRRESERVATIONSSo instead we made our way back into San Francisco to explore the streets and trolley cars. The trolley ride was pretty fun! We got front row seating so great views! I kept wondering how many tourist photos we would be in as we were riding along.  So many people on the side of the road snapping away. LOL!I would love to go back to San Fran for the buildings and colors alone! I mean, everywhere we walked was picture worthy.  And did we WALK! Those hills aren’t small folks.  We got our work out in for sure!The famous Lombard Street : full of tourists walking up and down and drivers waiting in the longest line.  There were so many people around this small little street trying to get a picture.  I felt kind of bad for the guys directing traffic.  They were for sure stressed out!Check out that SLANT! I’m telling you, we worked out our legs and butt like crazy!Cable car lines everywhere……and gorgeous colorful buildings galore!Whatever happened to predictability…name that show!

FULL HOUSE! Who watched it when they were a kid???

Ladies and gents, the Painted Ladies. 🙂HAHAH Jeff! <3 Free Advice anyone???PALM TREES = <3 <3 <3 I got such a kick out the people that come there just to sit and look at homes.  But it was also a beautiful view of the city too.  And just like that we were able to get a sunnier view of the bridge down on Marshall’s beach…and a view of a few naked men sitting up against the rocks.  YIKES! LOL! Some guy told us Burning Man originated there.  Who knows.I happened to see this woman dancing by herself and throwing a bouquet into the ocean.  I couldn’t help but think it was for her departed love…who knows, just thought it was a sweet moment.🙂 🙂 🙂Day 2 : Off to John Muir – WITH a reservation. 😉

One more bridge stop before heading to Sausalito for tacos and drinks, then off to John Muir!It was a tad windy, LOL!We took one of the many trails inside.  It was so quiet and peaceful and the trees went up towards the sky for what seemed forever!THAT LIGHT!!!After driving back through San Fran one more time, we made our way over to Highway 1 to drive the PCH down to Big Sur for camping.  Needless to say, but how gorgeous is this?!Watching the sun set over the ocean.We made it into Big Sur around dusk with some crazy cloud coverage over the coast.After a crazy whirlwind of almost NOT having a camping spot…LONG STORY…we headed back to the main bridge entering into Big Sur for some pictures.

Oh and that’s Jeff holding up 3 fingers because he is currently wearing his 3rd pair of sunglasses on this trip…after BREAKING two. HA! Luckily, they made it home with us and still going strong today. 😉Finding animal friends everywhere!We had looked up Pfeiffer Beach when we had a chance to grab some wifi and found the road to take down to it.  Make sure you google this beforehand because there is no street sign for it.  It was a REALLY narrow one lane ride all the way down, but SO WORTH IT!The water was a tad bit cold. HA!Such a cool stop for the afternoon!Oh you know, just admiring all the crazy cool California trees. 😉One more hike before heading back to camp!

We had a similar hike in Yellowstone called Elephant Back Mountain so we decided to call this one Elephant Back Mountain #2.<3 <3 <3

Becoming one with nature.After a lovely evening with wine and dinner by the fire, we made our way back to highway 1 to head to our next stop, Morrow Bay. It was a bit chilly that night but we had an amazing dinner at JuJu’s restaurant and got to see the historical Morro Bay ROCK!Morrow Bay and our bungalow AirBnB was just the kind of relaxing evening we needed before heading back on the road.  Off to Santa Barbara in time for lunch with a view of LOTS of wineries along the way.Hello Santa Barbara!They had boat races while we were there!Amazing sushi lunch on the water and off to Malibu we go!I can’t get enough of palm tree pictures! <3 Our first night in Topanga County we drove through the crazy hills, found the Bachelor House, and tried two different wineries. It was perfect!I had been to Malibu Wines with my gf Audrey before and finally got to bring my love! Just in time for sunset and red teeth pictures. 😉 <3 The next morning, we made our way to LA to drive up to Griffith Observatory.

We of course were acting like Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in La La Land. 😉 Duh! Jeff even dipped me in front. <3 The views of LA from up there were crazy cool! And I LOVED the white architecture of the observatory.  I need to go up there for a photoshoot stat!Hello HOLLYWOOD!!!One more thing checked off the bucket list…And the whole reason this trip even began in the first place?

Audrey & Eric’s WEDDING!!!

They got married on June 1st at the gorgeous 1909 and it was the most perfect day filled with California sunlight, wine, amazing friends, and LOTS of love. I was so excited to be able to attend as a wedding guest.  How cool is that ceremony spot?!

Me and my cute wedding date! <3 <3 <3

16 years later these high school lovelies just amaze me more and more! <3 CONGRATULATIONS AUD & ERIC!!! It was such a fun wedding and one unforgettable night! <3 Our flight was scheduled for later in the evening so we could sleep in and enjoy the last views of our amazing trip.

Picture on left : me trying to race back in time for a picture and not making it! LOL

Picture on right : Jeff indulging my craziness. 😉After leaving LA we made our way to Hermosa Beach Pier for a quick lunch outside and La La Land stroll. It was a perfect way to end our amazing trip.  Loved getting to take Jeffrey there!Thank you Big for one more unforgettable adventure together! From the food, to the hikes, to the wine…and yes, even the ticket 😉 …this will forever be a week I’ll never forget! Love you and can’t wait to start planning the next one!

*Remember to check even more of our highlights on Instagram under ‘PCH’.


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