Mel + Suzy + Jordan : The Hopman Family

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Who doesn’t love to start out a photo session with this cuteness?! <3

Meet the Hopman’s : Suzy, Mel & Jordan 🙂

Suzy and Jordan are old college friends of mine so I was beyond excited to photograph their first officially family photo session.

Mel was one of the easiest kids to photograph.  These pictures below? Yep, he was this happy the entire time!

I love these family portraits!  You can totally see both parents in Mel. <3

They live South of Chicago out in Beecher, IL, so the boyfriend and I made an afternoon road trip to go visit.No interest in the book…just Auntie Liz & her camera. 😉

Looking straight on, Mel looks so much like Suz, especially with those beautiful blue eyes.

<3 <3 <3

Two blue-eyed beauties!

It’s so cool to see friends I’ve known for years as parents. 🙂

Then we see Mel’s profile and it’s all Jordan.

Love his expressions!

Suz is such a natural at being a mom.  Mel is for sure in love!

Ah, dad/son pictures.  It doesn’t get any cuter. <3

He is such a happy baby!

HA! Love these silly ones Jordan!

Ok, he gets some good looking traits from his daddy too. 😉

The picture on the right : one of my favorites.

I could have taken pictures all day of this cutie!

The happy little Hopman family. <3

One of my favorites!

Can you tell Mel doesn’t want to be in this position any longer? lol!

Naked baby = happy baby.


Ladies and gents, the many faces of Mel.

I could not stop laughing!

This kid had me cracking up all afternoon.

After a while, Mel need a break.  I waited and bit and then went upstairs to check on them.

This is the sweetness I found. <3

It was nap time for a bit…

After getting him to wake up (sorry kid, it’s picture day) ;), we went outside for a few.

It was one of the most humid days but Mel was perfectly happy.

I call this his ‘Zoolander’ face.

Mom and dad were making him laugh. 🙂

Great choice is colors for your outfits!

A perfect family picture.

I love this one! He sure loves his parents. <3

This kid has some very strong legs!

Every time I see this picture I crack up.

I was making the weirdest faces and noises trying to get him to smile at me.

This is the expression I got. He knows whats up. 😉

A cute family moment in front of their first house.

Earlier in the year, I met Jordan and Suzy downtown in Chicago for a quick maternity session.

[Check it out HERE.]

We took this shoe portrait to hopefully remake after Mel was born.

Here is the before…

…and the after. Love his chubby little legs!

And the face of ‘I’M DONE’ while we took the last picture. HA! 🙂


This was by far one of the best family sessions to date.

The biggest reason : It’s so awesome getting to see your friends get married, have a beautiful boy, and then be able to photograph it all.

Suz, Jordan, and Mel – Thank you for letting me take these pictures.  It truly is so cool to see you two as parents. You’re doing great! 😉

I can’t wait to continue to watch Mel grow and schedule more family sessions!

Until next time.


Auntie Liz.

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