Mandy + Kate : Two Brides and a Wedding Party at Drury Lane

Starting my 2017 wedding season out with these beauties was AMAZING!

When I met Mandy & Kate, it was a FREEZING day in downtown Chicago.  We walked around after talking over coffee and I convinced them to do a mini-shoot around the city…because they are adorable and I love taking pictures! 😉  Soon after, we planned to take their actual engagement pictures around the same campus where they met, at Aurora University.  We had such a blast and I couldn’t WAIT for their wedding day.  All week long, the forecast looked clear.  However, when I woke up that morning in May, the rain came and didn’t seem to want to stop any time soon. The few hours of outdoor pictures we had planned after the ceremony seemed like a lost cause.

BUT!  Just as these two beauties said ‘I DO’ and walked out as wife & wife, the clouds parted, and the sun came out.  For the rest of the day, Mandy & Kate were given the most beautiful afternoon for pictures and celebrating.  It was perfect!

Venue Ceremony : Wilder Mansion

Venue Reception : Drury Lane

Makeup & Hair : Sophia Porter 

DJ : JT Schurr assisted by Claire Doty

Florist : Kukka Flowers, assembled by brides and Kat

Bridal Gowns : David’s Bridal & Naperville Bridal Boutique

Men’s Suits : Men’s WarehouseLoved this detail :

“We made sure to have a picture of both of our grandmothers on our sides on their wedding days since they could not share the day with us.”Their ceremony was set up inside the gorgeous Wilder Mansion. They each wore the same blue shoes.2 brides = 2 diamonds = YES!Kate got dressed downstairs……while Mandy was upstairs.Love this gorgeous shot of Kate!Mandy looks so happy here!A few bridal portraits before they walk down…

LOVE THESE! <3 <3 <3Such a cute shot of the ring bearer moments before walking in.Kate entered in first……followed by Mandy with her brother.<3 <3 <3They didn’t stop smiling the entire time.MARRIED!!!MRS. & MRS.!!!You guys, you are MARRIED! AH! 🙂While we waited for the rest of the rain to clear up, we headed upstairs for a few fun portraits.Wilder Mansion has the most beautiful windows…perfect for wedding day portraits.The rain cleared after a while and we got to finish the rest of the afternoon outside.

We spent a while on the grounds of the mansion….because it’s GORGEOUS!I LOVE a good veil shot!You two are stunning! 😉Love these wedding party pictures…Just to the right of the mansion is the green house. How AWESOME is this?!When you happen to find a bottle of bubbles lying around…

😉It was like a tropical paradise inside this place!Just outside, there is a gorgeous ivy wall…you know I was in photographer heaven!HAHA, you two are too cute!When your heels just won’t do it anymore, the work shoes and pizza socks come out!

LOL! Love it Mandy!Off to Drury Lane for more pictures and the reception…I had never been here before and as soon as we walked in, I got so excited with all of the chandeliers inside……and a sweet spot for an epic wedding party picture.GAH! I love a good detail black and white shot! <3Into the English Room we go!Loved the old Hollywood decor in here!When your cake topper is spot ON! <3Here come the newlyweds!!!These were some of the most personal and sweetest speeches EVER! <3 <3 <3I was FOR SURE hiding tears behind the camera.Loved their first dance to : ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ by Frank Sinatra When you have a wedding reception in a cool old Hollywood room, you take cool old Hollywood pictures!


*A little about Mandy & Kate*

Q.  When did you meet?  Where?

A.  We met August of 2012 at orientation during Welcome Weekend at Aurora University

Q.  When did you get engaged? Where?

A. We got engaged November 2016 at the Chicago Marriott at Medical District

Q.  How did the proposal happen?

A. Mandy : Kate told me to close my eyes, that she had a surprise for me. She then began writing “Will You Marry Me?” On my arm with a pink highlighter. I immediately began to sob and when I opened my eyes Kate was on one knee and had a beautiful speech prepared and asked “Will You Marry Me?” Side note : (I told Kate I loved her for the first time by writing ” I Love You” on her arm with that same pink highlighter).

Q.What was the most important aspect for you two when planning your wedding?

A.  We wanted it to be fun and personal. We only made sure the people who we really cared about were there (even though one really important person wasn’t able to make it) everyone involved have a special place in our lives. We wanted our wedding to be memorable for us and a day that would be like no other.

Q.  What was your favorite thing about your wedding day?

A.  Mandy: I had many favorite things, having my older brother walk me down the aisle, having my younger brother stand up with me, being able to play Billy Idol’s White Wedding during my ceremony and of course Getting Married!
Kate: Seeing Mandy walk up the aisle by far and listening to our own song while walking down the aisle.

Q.  What were the first dance songs?

Our first dance was ‘The Way You Look Tonight’, by Frank Sinatra

Q.  If you could do it all over again, what would you change, if anything?

A. We wouldn’t change one thing. It all was perfect and we loved every minute of it.

Q. Where did you (or plan to) go for your honeymoon?

A. We are planning on going to Disney World in Florida.

Q.  Can you give any advice for future couples planning a wedding?

A.  We would say check to see if you can do it yourself, it’s usually cheaper and more fun. We did a lot of our details ourselves and it made it so much more personal and memorable. Also don’t fret the small details. Believe that everything is going to go perfect and don’t freak out if it isn’t, we promise no one will notice but you.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Thank you for sharing! And thank you for letting me be a part of your day!
I truly loved starting out my 2017 season with your celebration. It was one I’ll never forget!  I wish you all the joy in the world for years to come and many, MANY years of blessings!  Lastly, lots of LOVE and LOTS of laughter!


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Some fun behind the scenes photos taken by my 2nd photographer & friend Nicki! 🙂

The BEFORE & AFTERCongrats you two!!!! Cheers to MARRIAGE!!!

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