Mandy + Kate : Anniversary Session in Lincoln Park

Do you remember these lovely ladies from their Wilder Mansion ceremony the year before?  Two dresses, a rainy morning, SO MANY lovely portraits when the sun decided to come out, Kate with that gorgeous model look, and Mandy with that beautiful RED hair?  No? Well, let me remind you.

These two lovely people booked a session in Lincoln Park with me this Summer to celebrate their 1 year wedding anniversary.  The best part? They had never been to the Zoo/South Lagoon area before! So naturally I played tour guide and we had a blast creating some new portraits for them.  I always say, just because the engagement and wedding days are over, doesn’t mean the pictures should stop.  Your life is ALWAYS happening.  So why not ALWAYS get new pictures to document it all? 😉

These two are so easy to photograph.  They make each other laugh constantly and are GREAT at taking direction.  They are proof that if you listen to your photographer and trust (HER), you will take AMAZING photos. 😉

We were so nervous it was going to rain all afternoon but it was just foggy and gloomy, which was actually perfect.  I love a great sun burst shot, but when my couples don’t have to worry about squinting, that’s always best.

<3 <3 <3

I call this area Chicago’s ‘Poet’s Walk‘.  Anyone know it in NY? 😉

See what I mean about making each other laugh?

(A hair flip may have caused this laughter though.) 😉

That picture on the left : Kate and that model stare, I’m telling ya! 😉

And then Liz (ME) started freaking out with how amazing everything looked shooting through the yellow plants.  I LOOOOOOOOVE shooting through anything and everything.

And these two and their cuteness only made it all the better.

Just a couple of lovely ladies sitting in a honeycomb.

Another favorite… 🙂

Hey, go stand over there and we’ll get pictures with the Zebra…aka Grevy’s Zebra. 😉

Spelled wrong, but still pretty cool…(in case you didn’t see on the website my last name is GREVE) HA!

Side note to EVERYONE : Lincoln Park Zoo is gorgeous and FREE! Come visit our city! 😉


Ok, maybe this one is a favorite too!

Ladies, you two are stunning!

And we’re done! Last frame, lol!

Thank you both SO MUCH for such a fun afternoon.  I hope we get to keep taking these every year! HA! 😉 Happy 1st year.  To many, MANY more!


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