Maddie, Emily, and Brad : Summer Family session at Lilacia Park

I was BEYOND excited when I was contacted for a family session with these 3.

I photographed Emily & Brad’s wedding back in 2013.  They were gifted a session with me during Christmas and this year, we finally got to meet up for it.  But not just anywhere.  We planned to take photos in their home and at Lilacia Park in Lombard.

The best part?  It was the same spot we took their wedding portraits so you know what that means….COMPARISON FUN!  We all know I love a good comparison.  (Scroll through to the end to see those) 😉

We started out by playing in the living room with their adorable daughter Maddie.  This girl and her cheeks.  I couldn’t get enough!

Oh and those EYES! <3 <3 <3

She had the most stern look and wouldn’t crack a smile for anyone…


Mom and dad knew exactly how to get her laughing though.

She was loving her pop-up book!


Can we talk about her outfit for a second though? I kept saying I wanted an adult version of it!

Such a gorgeous day for pictures!

Love these sweet moments.

<3 <3 <3

And THERE is that big cheek smile! 🙂

Maddie’s favorite thing to do apparently?  Sit in the car with dad.


She couldn’t get enough of sitting in there and honking the horn…it really is the little things people.

Oh, and of course running away from mom and dad. 😉

A few blocks away is the gorgeous Lilacia Park where we walked around…and pretty much went wherever Maddie wanted.

It was beautiful out!

We started walking around all of the same spots mom and dad did on their wedding day…

This is probably my favorite picture…EVER!

If there ever was a picture that defined the hashtag #MOOD

Happy girl with her snacks. 🙂

Remaking their same wedding day photo…(keep scrolling)

I love Maddie’s look here. Like Miss Liz, you still here? ha!

Our main wedding day remake photo! Love this!

Oh Maddie, you are the epitome of fun!

What a gorgeous day with a beautiful family!

Thank you all for hanging out with me and remaking some of my favorite wedding day photos.

Maddie makes them even better now! (And of course a lot cuter!) 😉

Check out the fun comparisons below…

Until we meet again guys! Thank you for the memories!


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