Lorissa + Makenzie : Surprise rooftop proposal at Lightology

Over a year after she first contacted me, Lorissa finally made it out to Chicago with her girlfriend and our plan for her surprise proposal was happening!

She had researched a few rooftop locations in Chicago and settled on Lightology in Chicago’s River North area.  Their outdoor space was secluded, surprisingly quiet, and full of colorful florals.  It just happened to be a gorgeous sunny afternoon too. <3We were working out the ‘story‘ that Lorissa would tell Makenzie in order to get her up on the rooftop and she came up with the BEST plan ever!

She told Makenzie that she had hired a tour photographer guide to walk them around the city while they were visiting and take pictures of them in fun locations.  The plan was that I was to act like one of these tour photographers, and that I loved meeting people up on rooftops so that they could see the city from a sweet view to begin their tour.  As soon as they arrived, I immediately starting talking about the space like I had started all of my ‘tours‘ there before.

I mean “What better way to see Chicago than up on a rooftop? Right?” was exactly what I said.  😉

I had planned to show them around a little and then place them in the spot with the best city skyline for a picture before we ‘headed out’.  Lorissa looked to me after a few shots and I gave her the OK to proceed with the surprise whenever she was ready…

Needless to say, Makenzie had NO IDEA. <3 <3 <3

Everything went absolutely PERFECT and she said YES!

After a few minutes of shock, Lorissa and I admitted that I was not in fact a tour photography guide, but that she had hired me to capture this unforgettable moment, and that she had contacted me over a year prior.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with so much smiling and happiness and a LOT more pictures on the beautiful rooftop.

I saw that Lorissa was wearing a ring on her right hand and she explained it was actually a promise ring.

So with that, Makenzie placed it officially on Lorissa’s left hand. <3

The sunset glow was BEYOND amazing that afternoon!

And then the phone calls to family happened and more smiles and tears came out. <3 <3 <3

Congratulations Lorissa and Makenzie!!!

This afternoon was such an honor to photograph and you two were so much fun!

I could not be more excited for you both and the wedding planning you have ahead.

Sending you so many hugs from Chicago! 😉

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