Kelsey + Chad : Winter Wedding at Two Brothers Roundhouse

What’s one thing about your spouse that made you realize you wanted to marry them?
– Kelsey : “Chad is so supportive of me, I try to only rely on myself for almost everything ( to my own fault), and he is one person who I can trust to take care of me and look out for my best interest. He truly is invested in my happiness, it’s definitely hard for me to believe that some one would care about me as much as he does but I know he genuinely is there for me.”
– Chad : “I honestly knew from the start that Kelsey would one day be my wife. Her beauty is what drew me in at first but her values and beliefs were just as attractive. I could see our marriage taking shape from the very beginning.”

“We often joke that Kelsey’s life motto is “you do you” and she has allowed me to be me throughout our relationship. The fact that we choose to be with one another simply because of love each speaks volumes. She doesn’t try to change who I am and accepts me for me; for all the good and all the bad. But at the end of day she has my back and I have hers.”

If that doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will! These two are some of the kindest people to everyone in their life, friend, photographer, stranger, EVERYONE.  I knew after getting to know them during their ENGAGEMENT SESSION that their wedding day would be just as fun.  They completely gave me their trust and let loose and enjoyed one another.  It was the best any photographer could ask for. <3


Q.  When did you meet? Where?  We met while attending Aurora University. We met in 2012 (our junior year) but didn’t start dating till 2013.

Q.  When did you get engaged? Where?  We were engaged in August 2016, in our first apartment together in Geneva.

Q.  How did the proposal happen?   Chad asked two of my best friends to pick up me up and get me out of the apartment, it was fishy from the start because they were willing to drive to Binnys in Geneva from their homes Aurora. I (Kelsey) remembering saying what alcohol could you possibly want that you can’t find at woodmans (it was much closer to them). But I went along with it thinking nothing of it. Anyway they dragged me around the store for an hour, I was so irritated because I was ready to go back and hang with all our friends at their house. I even texted chad and I said that I would just go back with them to their house (where all our friends would be hanging out) and he told me I had to come back and drive with him. I told my friends how annoyed I was that I couldn’t go back with them, I’m sure on the inside they were dying. Anyway, I walked into our apartment decorated with white lights, mason jar candles and rose petals. Our friend Cody at the time lived directly below us and he came over and helped chad decorate. But the proposal was just the two of us in our first apartment we had together.

Q.  What was the most important aspect for you two when planning your wedding?    

Making the day classy but also incorporating our own unique twist. While many people get married we wanted our wedding day to feel like it could only belong to us and not be something “cookie cutter.” While it didn’t need to be over the top we still wanted people to get to know us and our relationship throughout the day.

Q.  How did you choose your wedding venue (s)?

Well the church we had been attending together, we found that church together which felt nice that no one had a longer relationship with the community than the other.

The roundhouse was the 2nd place we looked and it just felt right. We weren’t interested in making the process stressful and it met all our needs so why keep looking! The wedding day was pushed back so far from the engagement because I was completing my masters and then I always wanted a December wedding so we just had to wait!

Q.  What was your favorite thing about your wedding day?    

We loved the ceremony and the time we spent with our closest friends on the party bus! The ceremony was amazing because it was formal being in a church but we picked the music and wrote our own vows so it still felt like it had a Chad and Kelsey twist!

Q. What were the first dance songs?
 Newlyweds – you make it look so easy – Eric church
Daughter/Father – I loved her first – Heartland
Mother/Son – Call your momma – Seth Ennis

Q. Where did you (or plan to) go for your honeymoon?

We went on a cruise the very next day! Our alarms went off at 3:30am, we will be honest, we don’t recommend that early of a departure but overall we had fun!

Q.  Can you give any advice for future couples planning a wedding?

Have fun, don’t make it stressful, don’t overspend (it’s not worth it) all that matters is that you get married!


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The amazing vendors of their day :

Venue : @twobrothersbrewingcompany
Florist : Linda Bolish
DJ/Band : #OkyneMediaLab
Hair/Makeup : Sarah Tjaden @sltmakeupartistry
Cake : #TheCakery
Shoes : @badgleymischka
Dress : @misshayleypaige
Suit : Gen Tux

While the ladies finished getting dressed and ready upstairs at the church…

<3 <3 <3

The gents waited downstairs until the ceremony.


The sweetest reaction!

MR. & MRS.!!!

This wedding party was AMAZING!

It was FREEZING (and they knew getting married in December it would be), but it didn’t stop them from taking some of the BEST pictures!

The big and beautiful wedding party!

Loved this group!

When I said to hug it out, they all gladly obliged…it was cold! HA!

The VERY lovely ladies.

And the guys. 😉

Two very different looks here. 😉

I love a good Goodfella’s walk.

(See what I did there.) 😉

That sunset was AMAZING!

Instead of taking a break to warm up in the bus, these two kept going and smiling so we could finish our pictures with the light still out.

(to all future brides – note that the sun sets a LOT sooner in the winter, so keep that in mind when planning out your timelines.)

You two are beyond amazing! I was bundled up and freezing, so don’t know how you did it!

I am a HUGE fan of LONG veils! Always have been, always will be! Just LOVE them!

After a drive to warm up and hang with their wedding party, we all arrived at Two Brothers Roundhouse ready to party.

But first, with a few minutes to spare, I snuck these two outside for a few fun night pictures.

(Photographers : if there’s a few minutes to spare, take more pictures! Why not?!)

And some of these became my favorite from their day!

LOVED these by the fireplace outside.

<3 <3 <3

Reception time!

Their table cards were so detailed and fun to photograph.

One of the best parts about getting married around the holidays?



Loved this wedding party! They were such a fun group!

And that bottom right duo is an amazing past EGP couple, Ashley & Eder! <3


They had several speeches from family and friends and they were ALL beyond sweet.

So many laughs AND tears. <3


After a little cake tasting…

…it was time for their first dance. <3

A traditional shot to share with guests and then TIME TO DANCE!!!

Their dance floor was a BLAST!!!

It was crowded the entire night and EVERYONE was busting out the best moves!

There were so many great dance floor pictures, I had to share a bunch!

Kelsey & Chad, I cannot thank you both enough for letting me be a part of your day as your photographer.

It was truly an honor and I had such a BLAST ending out my 2018 season celebrating YOU TWO! <3

If your marriage is ANYTHING like your wedding day, I know you will have a ton of fun, always be the best supporters for each other, and love unconditionally.

Cheers to the sweetest couple and MANY happy memories to come!

BTS  – thanks Paul

No joke guys, it was FREEZING! I was bundled UP!

PROOF this wedding party is AMAZING!

Sometimes, I love showing the shot ‘before‘ to show how everyone is organizing and helping each other to look their best.I always end my blog post with ‘HUGS‘ because let’s face it, I’m a hugger and if I could, I would give my couples a hug after they read their blog posts.  So OF COURSE I had to end this blog with a side by side of their best friend Cody – both from their engagement session AND wedding.



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