Kelsey + Brian : Sunset Proposal in Lincoln Park

When Brian emailed me asking if I was available for this proposal, without even looking I knew I HAD to be.  10 years in the making, Brian planned to walk along Lincoln Park’s boardwalk where his brother had previously placed little notes along the way.  The notes were many of the reasons why Brian loves Kelsey and wants to marry her.  It was a VERY romantic start to one unforgettable evening. All dressed to impress in her Rent The Runway dress (awesome job Brian!) ;), they started out their walk.I love this one – ‘Attention to detail.’  Brian was for sure spot on with this proposal set up! 🙂Kelsey was all smiles along the way.  🙂 🙂 🙂It couldn’t have been a more beautiful afternoon.As they walked up to THE spot, (Brian’s brother was there with me prior guarding it/making sure no one would be there), I was so excited for the ACTUAL proposal.  A lantern was placed in the spot where Brian would propose in memory of Kelsey’s late mother. <3

After a few tears and beautiful words, he asked and she said YES!I love Brian’s smile here. SO HAPPY! 🙂All smiles walking over to me so I could congratulate them. <3Before a dinner to celebrate, we walked around Lincoln Park for some gorgeous sunset portraits…Me : “You two are perfect to photograph.”

(They burst out laughing, not believing me) = making it an even more perfect picture. 😉 See?Kelsey SO happy with her fiance! 🙂THAT LIGHT!!!!I didn’t have to give much direction.  These two were so in love, (I should say so after 10+ years), and so happy, THEY made these amazing pictures happen.<3 <3 <3Gorgeous couple!Kelsey, you are STUNNING!As we were walking over to one more spot, this woman stopped us and asked if they would pose with her son on the rock where Brian proposed.  Apparently every year on the 5th, she comes and takes the same picture of her son.  This year, she added in the newly engaged couple! So sweet!!! <3When it’s just YOU & ME. <3 A little dance in the honeycomb.This was hilarious.  I was explaining to Brian how to best pick up Kelsey for an awesome lift picture.

Their expressions tell it all…(scroll down to see some behind the scenes images of me explaining). HA!NAILED IT!!!

IN LOVE WITH THAT LIGHT! <3You two are beautiful together!One of my favorites from the night.Only a few of the thoughtful notes placed along the boardwalk…These crack me up.  Thank you to my amazing friend and 2nd photographer that night Nicki of Nicole Defilippis Photography for capturing these.

As you saw above, my quirky directions worked! 😉Hiding in the bushes as they were walking in…That’s a face of ‘I DID IT’ if I ever saw one! 😉 HA!CONGRATULATIONS KELSEY & BRIAN!!!

I am BEYOND honored to have been able to capture this moment for you.  I cannot WAIT until your wedding in a few months!!  Thank you for letting me be a part of this all with you both.  I wish you all the happiness in the world, and from these pictures I can truly see, you are. <3

Until the wedding…


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