Jennifer + Michael : Wedding at Cog Hill Golf & Country Club

I have met many brides and grooms with my job, but this couple was one of the happiest I’ve met to date.

If you know Jennifer & Michael, then you know just how sweet and caring they are.

These too never stopped smiling – from the day I met with them to discuss wedding day details, all the way through their fun filled wedding day.

This truly is a couple that brightens the room when they walk in and being a part of their wedding was, for me, a complete honor.

Here is their day…




I met Jennifer and a very filled house of bridesmaids and family early in the morning.

They had a room all set up for makeup and hair.  I mean, this room was a legit beauty salon. 😉

I loved being there to photograph the start of their day.

Everyone made me feel like one of the family members.  I’m not sure how many people asked if I was hungry. 😉 <3

Jennifer’s mom is an angel.  She created this wonderful ‘gluten-free’ breakfast feast for everyone.

She then somehow managed to switch over to a BLT lunch as fast as any restaurant turnover.

DURING this, she got her hair & makeup done AND got dressed for her daughter’s wedding day!

She wore an apron, but I think it was really a superwoman’s cape. 😉

Jennifer’s favorite champagne.

Oh so many goodies! 🙂

Hair is done, now time to relax and eat with family and friends.

Future bride tip : If you don’t want to stress on your wedding day morning, create a schedule for hair AND makeup and make sure YOU THE BRIDE are one of the first done.

Or you call Jennifer because I’m pretty sure she could be a wedding planner on the side. 😉

Even the makeup and hair stylists were amazed at this organization.  It made her morning run so smoothly and everyone had time to sit, eat, drink, and mingle.

Perfect wedding morning.

This whole morning was full of happiness.




A room full of your friends & family on your wedding day = <3

One toast to the bride before we get dressed!

It was just me, Jennifer, and her mom while she got her dress on.

These two are so much alike in the best ways.  They know how to talk to one another and how to uplift each other.

I love this mother/daughter duo!

(keep scrolling and be prepared for some tear-jerking pics!)

Now THIS is one happy bride to be!




They made each other smile and cry at the same time.


Jennifer looks just like her mom and visa versa.  Two beauties both inside and out. 😉

A little letter from Michael. <3

Loved all of her bouquet pins.

Jennifer, you are absolutely stunning!!!

Love the pops of color in her bouquet by Petals n’ Bloom. 😉

Some good luck rain for their day, but don’t worry they had matching umbrella’s for everyone!

This is one prepared bride!

Meanwhile, back at the hotel…

Mike’s dad and Jennifer’s grandfather.

Brothers. 🙂

These are some dapper looking gents!

Going to the chapel…

This just makes me smile. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Only this group…


Love all the color pops!

Their wedding colors were so much fun!

Moments before the ceremony started…

Seeing the gorgeous Jennifer for the first time. 🙂

Her grandfather walked her down…and let me just say this guy can dance!

(keep scrolling, so, SO sweet!)

Gorgeous church!

They both started giggling as soon as they were announced husband and wife.





The new Mr. & Mrs!!!

For the wedding party pictures, we drove to downtown Lemont, found this wall, and BAM!

Strike a wedding party pose! Love this group!

Thank you all for trekking over there! 😉

Zoom out for the big shot!

It was a tad windy.  HA! Jennifer’s brother having umbrella issues.

Love this pic of Jenn – bride’s got some veil skills. haha!

(Anyone notice Macklemore on the left? AKA Michael’s brother.) 😉

Beautiful ladies in men’s coats.

One of their Facebook SNEAK PEEK’s.

Such a fun group!!!

Add in some colorful umbrella’s and it’s a whole new ball game!

Just happened to catch this as his umbrella flew open…BOOM!

So you know that door in the middle of that building in Lemont?

Oh yes, I know the one. 🙂

Pretty ladies all in a row….but did they know…

THIS was happening? lol!

We took a few portraits with just Jennifer & Michael before everyone grabbed 5 min. to warm up and head over to Cog Hill.

Another sneak peek.

I adore these two. <3

All of a sudden the sun decided to show up!

Sun + wind =




One of my favorites!

An obligatory Lemont clock photo…

and of course add in some crazy groomsmen. 😉

We took a few minutes to freshen up and check out the reception room details at Cog Hill.

Love this room!

Gorgeous every time I see it. 🙂

Check out their fun cake!

So did you figure out the theme yet with blue & green?Does the rope detail give you a hint? 😉

Jennifer had a nautical idea for colors and details and it worked beautifully.

A big and beautiful wedding party. 🙂

Chek out this handsome group of guys!

I loved how this group picture turned out.  I think this was take 5 or 6 because…

can you see it? You two! haha!

(hint : far right – there’s always one…or two)  😉

Loved this idea of each wedding party member posing with the bride & groom!

Not sure which is my favorite. 🙂

Lots of color and mis-matched nude shoes.

Now just the bride & groom. 🙂

We took a very windy golf cart ride out on to the golf course but it was worth it!


It may have rained most of the day, but man did you two get an awesome evening sky! 😉

A remake up Jennifer’s mom’s favorite painting, hanging above the food in the kitchen earlier…

Our wedding day version of ‘The Singing Butler‘. 🙂

Then it was time to party!!!

There were a bunch of really sweet and very funny speeches. <3

But wait!

Jennifer’s brothers get up and started to explain a family tradition.

They asked everyone to please stand and pick up the cards that they saw in front of them on the tables.

The story behind this ‘Canadian Tradition’ : (via Jenn)

Some time ago when my cousin Sam was in grade school he told his teacher that we celebrate birthdays by singing happy birthday and O Canada.

This was because my grandfather loves hockey and would always go around on holidays and celebrations humming and singing the national anthem.

Since he told his teacher this, we’ve made a point to exercise this practice at family events (so much so that o automatically sing O Canada in my head after singing happy birthday).

My grandma printed the words, my uncle pretends to be the symbols, and we all smile and laugh.  It’ so fun and one of my favorite traditions.

So at the wedding they surprised is with the song before dinner (mom printed the words and secretly snuck them into the tables before the reception).

Everyone started to sing proudly.


First dances always make me 🙂

<3 <3 <3

Remember when I talked about how sweet her grandfather was?

Well he can dance too!

Jennifer and her mom shared a beautiful dance together.

If you were there, you could for sure feel the love they have for one another. <3

Michael and his mom. <3

Loved this dance. He truly adores his mom. <3

Time to paaaaarrrrttty! 🙂

Jennifer’s mom looked gorgeous in her dress all day!

Not sure how she does it! 😉

The end of the night brought lots of delicious popcorn. AWESOME!

Jenn & Mike – So we are best friends now right?! 😉

What more can I say other than THANK YOU!

Thank you for letting me be a part of such a wonderful day. It was truly my honor to photograph your wedding day.

It feels like just yesterday we met and got so excited talking about all of you details.

I know you two will be more than happy and you deserve it.

Here’s to many years of love and laughter.



{A little about Jenn & Mike}

1. When did you meet? Where?

Thursday, July 5th, 2007; Bourbon Street, a bar on the Southside of Chicago, IL

2. When did you get engaged? Where?

Saturday, July 6th, 2013; My Family Cottage “The Bates” on Magician Lake, Sister Lakes, Michigan

3. How did the proposal happen?

Jenn’s Response:

Mike surprised me at my family cottage in Michigan. He was supposed to be coaching a baseball tournament the whole weekend, but left in the middle. We had actually talked on the phone and he told me the tournament ended early so he was going home to mow the lawn and relax – little did I know, he was in the car driving to me. It was such a wonderful surprise that he drove up, so I did not expect any additional surprises. After a big family spaghetti dinner that night, we went for a walk and ended up on the end of the pier looking out onto the water and watching the sun set. I had made a comment that it was such a wonderful surprise that we could enjoy the weekend together. He said, “Well, I have another surprise for you.” As he turned me around, he was standing on one knee, using my full name, and asking me to marry him. Of course, I said yes, and thankfully, he did not drop the ring in the water. Eventually, we headed back to the house and shared our news with my whole family. He even brought champagne so we could all celebrate together.

Mike’s Response:

I surprised her and meet her and her family at her grandparent’s cottage in Michigan.   After dinner we went for a walk around the lake as the sun was setting. The whole walk I was trying to think of where to ask her. I then saw her grandparents dock by the water and I asked her if she wanted to go to the end of the dock. As we were standing on the dock she was saying how great of a surprise it was for me to be there. I then turned her around and said I had one more surprise; I was down on one knee and asked her if she would marry me.

4. Wedding Ceremony & Venue location/Additional vendor info.

Ceremony Location: Incarnation Catholic Church, Palos Heights, IL

Reception Location: Cog Hill Golf & Country Club, Lemont, IL

Wedding Gown: La Sposa, purchased at A Joyful Occasion, Naperville, IL

Bridesmaids Dress: Alfred Sung, purchased at Bella Sposa Boutique, Tinley Park, IL

Tux: Vera Wang, rental from Men’s Wearhouse

Shoes: Ivanka Trump

Clutches: A03 Designs,

Necklace: PenelliBelle,

Hair: Donna Andrews

Makeup: Sulli’s Shop, Nicole O’Sullivan

Flowers: Petals N’Bloom, Kristin Behrns

Transportation: Signature Transportation Group, Franklin Park, IL

DJ: Sammy Inendino

Rings: AAA Jewelry & Diamond Exchange, Inc. Downers Grove, IL

Cake: Sweet Ali’s Bakery, Hinsdale, IL

Popcorn: Wells Street Popcorn


String Trio: Rachel Edwards & Family

5. Honeymoon? Where to?

Kauai, Hawaii

6. What was your favorite thing about your wedding day?

Jenn’s Response:

Aside from the obvious answer – marrying my best friend – I think my favorite part (this is Jenn talking) was getting to have so many loved ones in the same space at the same time. That will probably never happen again. So many people traveled so very far to celebrate with us and we could not have asked for anything better than to see their smiling faces and know that they are supporting us. At some point, during dinner, Mike and I took a brief moment to look out at all the tables of amazing, fabulous people and said to ourselves, “Wow, all these people are here because they love us.” It is a great feeling to have so many caring people in our lives.

Mike’s Response:

Seeing everyone that we love in one place at the same time

7. If you could do it all over again, what would you change, if anything?

Jenn’s Response:

Not a thing.

Mike’s Response:

Nothing everything was meant to be.

8. What was your first dance song?

“Marry Me” by Train

9. Any advice for future couples?

Jenn’s Response:

When planning your wedding, make choices that are the best for the both of you. It’s about you, not about what Great Aunt Ethel wants/needs/expects. There will be a lot of people who have opinions or think that they know what is right, but make sure to take a step back and discuss everything as a couple. If you always do what has always been done just because “that’s how we’ve always done it” there is no room for growth. Take it all in stride. Stress is normal, so I can’t say “don’t stress,” but make sure the things you are anxious about really matter.

Mike’s Response:

Take a moment to soak it all in, it is truly amazing

10. 3 words to describe your husband/wife

Jenn’s Response:

Mike is gentle, kind, and funny.

Mike’s Response:

Passionate, Beautiful, Intelligent


(Thanks to Tara with Tara Melissa Photographie for your help in the morning!)


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