Jenna + Matt + 5 Beauties : A day at home in Indiana

“So…not sure when this will be public on Facebook, but…how would you feel about a fall session with TWO new little Wietfeldts?! Yep, expecting twins this summer!! ?? I’m about 14 weeks now. All I keep thinking is how I can’t wait to do pictures with you with them ? With five kids, we are definitely going to need our miracle working photographer!! ? Up for a challenge?”


That was the message I got from Jenna at the beginning of this year and I immediately replied with so much excitement!

I love meeting up with this family.  Last year, we had so much fun running around Cantigny Park with just 3 girls.  Now, there are 5!  Jenna and Matt had two gorgeous twin baby girls, (Eliza & Audrey), and I got to meet them at their home in Fort Wayne, IN last month.  I was immediately greeted with jumps, hugs, screams, and laughter.  Matt made some extra coffee, and off we went to their beautiful backyard to play.While Jenna got the two newbies ready, I got to play with the older 3 outside.  These cuties were a riot!I can’t wait to see what Eliza and Audrey look like as they grow up and if they will look like any of their gorgeous older sisters.The one thing that amazed me throughout this entire morning : through all the noise and chaos, these newbie babies stayed asleep the entire time.

And I’m telling you, we brought the noise! 😉You two amaze me, SERIOUSLY! I didn’t know how you did it with 3…now 5! So cool!I LOVE all of these pictures.  So much was going on to get them all to stay in one place…LOL!The picture on the right kills me. HA!  So many different looks and actions.  And those two babies just sleeping away.

<3Jenna, you are glowing!

You look beyond fantastic after having TWINS.  I am in awe of you!They live on the Concordia Seminary property in Fort Wayne, and their backyard is HUGE and filled with trees.

So naturally, we spent most of our time outside.Trying to get JUST ONE picture with everyone smiling at the camera takes a LOT of effort on everyone’s part, but these moments before and after are always my favorite.  The girls just want to be kids and run around and mom and dad cracking up at it all is hilarious.  I was crying laughing behind the camera. 🙂The sweetest pictures! The oldest sister with the youngest ones. <35 GORGEOUS girls! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3Seriously, this was their backyard! So cool!Sister love, haha!The 1st : Halle

Sweet, helpful, and the best big sister.  She has the kindest heart and it shows within moments of talking to her. <3The 2nd : Olivia

A spitfire, this one! This girl gives you a run for your money and at the same time makes you laugh endlessly. She is my crazy spirit animal!The 3rd : Clara

Quickly learning she is no longer the baby, but still just as adorable and getting sweeter by the minute.The parents : Jenna & Matt

More in love than ever and rocking a family of 7 like it’s no big deal. You two are awesome!5! That’s 5 kids we have now! HA!The newest additions, #4 & #5 : Eliza & Audrey

As they slept throughout the ENTIRE session, all I can say is how amazed I am by them, and how cool it will be to watch them grow with 3 beautiful older sisters leading the way.So grateful for Grandma who helped wrangle the girls when we needed. <3

(Note : bring a tub of pretzels when you have a big family shoot…see it in Halle’s hands? Totally worked!) The twins started to wake up for feeding time right before I headed out.  Look at those eyes!!! <3No more pictures Miss Liz!!! We are getting HANGRY!I love this photo! The twins were screaming, and the girls were trying so hard to kill a fly by the window calling for dad to help. There was so much going on and I couldn’t stop taking pictures.

It was hilariously awesome.

🙂Thank you ALL for letting me come into your home of chaotic beauty! 😉

I loved every second of it and I’m so honored to have met your newest angels.

All my love to you all! Congratulations and enjoy these first few memories with Eliza & Audrey!

I can’t wait to see you all again!


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