Jane + Sam : Summit Music Hall Wedding in Denver

If you are ready to start smiling and never stop, then KEEP SCROLLING!!! I’m so excited to share my first ever COLORADO wedding!!!

I was so lucky to first meet Jane & Sam (and their dogs) back in April when I flew out to Colorado to take their engagement pictures.  THAT day, needless to say, was UNFORGETTABLE.  You can see their very SNOW filled (but ridiculously fun) engagement session HERE.  I instantly felt like I had known these two for years.  They were the most laid back and kind individuals.  I felt that way just EMAILING back and forth with them.  This time, there was no snow, just sunshine and blue skies.  It was a perfect August wedding day.  I got to the venue a little earlier than scheduled just to see how they were planning to transform a concert music hall into a wedding reception.  The organized chaos of the day was mesmerizing to watch…and yes, Jane was there all dressed up, helping to set everything up of course.  (She even helped take everything down at the end)!  I was so excited to see how they transformed the space into a room that would later be used for both a ceremony AND reception.

To understand WHY these two chose such a unique venue, you have to understand a little more about ‘Jane + Sam‘.  When I asked where their inspiration came from, here is how they responded :

” As you are aware, our wedding is a little less than traditional. Our wedding, as planned, really does encapsulate the combination of interests that have brought us together:
Music: We are sort of setting the whole thing up as if we were our own band at a show. We will have band posters plastered on windows, a giant stage backdrop, themed wrist bands, and even temporary tattoos for those who want to be radical for the night. Our musical choices throughout the more curated parts of the evening all represent something that resonates with both of us and our vows even have some of our favorite song quotes. For example, I am walking down the aisle to a song by both of our favorite band (since before we dated!!!) and was also the first show we went to together. Since we first started dating, Sam has gone from an aimless undergrad freshman to a passionate music manager and marketer. Basically, music is a huge deal for us and why not have fun with it for a theme?!
Books: I am a reader, Sam is not. However, he has supported my nerdiness at all possible times and knows that it is a huge part of why I am they way I am. I am also a recent Library and Information Science graduate with an emphasis in archives and going on to get my PhD. As such, our lives kind of also revolve around my love of words, language, and learning. So, our stage backdrop is also an image I took at my job of a skiing scrapbook from 1907, our party’s flowers are made from yearbooks, Sam and my flowers are made from Crime and Punishment (my favorite book), and all of our little table signs have newsprint backgrounds that are relevant to our likes (such as a vintage tattoo machine and a Buddy Holly announcement). There will also be books and random flowers throughout the decor.
Lanterns: Nothing particular special here except that I have always seen paper lanterns hanging at my wedding… So, Sam made sure that happened for me. 🙂 They have also been amazingly engineered by my mom, Susan, and have kept her busy in these month before we leave for Pittsburgh!
Bulleit Bottles/Dogs: Bulleit is the drink of choice at the Thaler household and has become a sort of symbol of the family… We combined that with our unusual devotion to our dogs in our centerpieces in our “Two Dogs Whiskey” lit Bulleit bottles. It’s hard to describe, but make sure to check them out and how stupid cute they are.
Cake: My sister, Meghan, is making the cake as a sort of test run… She is a teacher now, but we are all trying to convince her to open a bakery or restaurant. :)”

As if this attention to detail wasn’t enough to describe their uniqueness, let’s talk about when they first met! “Originally – Our mother’s have been best friends since before either of us were born. So, we technically met sometime right around Sam’s birth and at the hospital.  For our relationship now – Sam’s oldest brother, Nick, was getting married. Sam was the Best Man and I was a groom’s maid. After flirting through texting for several weeks before the bachelor party and having not seen each other in years, we re-met on June 6th 2011 at the bachelor party. We made sure to stay by each other’s side throughout the entire night. 🙂 ”

Here is the VERY awesome wedding day of Jane & Sam :

Venue: The Moon Room at Summit Music Hall, Denver, CO

Food: Marquis Pizza

Band: One Flew West

The dress : Modcloth

Suit : Denver Tux

Hair: Kimberly Burns at Beauty Bar Salon in Olde Town Arvada

Right as you walked in, you were greeted with their very own ‘band posters’ – made using their engagement photos!!! Loved it!I’ve always loved vintage dresses.  Jane’s dress was from ModCloth and did NOT disappoint!Can we just talk about these flowers for a second?!

Jane MADE them out of books – her favorite book ‘Crime and Punishment’ to be exact.  So unique and COLORFUL!Jane, as if I didn’t say it enough on the day, you made a STUNNING bride!!! 😉Holy perfection!!! Loved this vintage portrait!The gorgeous ladies.How about adding in a vintage Plymouth to your pictures?! <3 <3 <3One thing about getting married in downtown Denver you should know about?

Bar crawls happen. 

People from said bar crawls will most likely stop and awe over your amazingness.

HA!Work it girl!You can see a hint of the mountains in the distance. <3Now check out all of this fun detail inside!!!On to Sam and the guys…Men in suits with an awesome car. BOOM!Not just bar crawl people…but bicycle bar crawls!

HA! Everyone was so excited for these two.The VERY dapper groom.Ceremony time!They locked eyes right away. <3🙂 🙂 🙂

Everyone got a kick out of this unique wedding ceremony – with a white board and all!You two are the cutest!!!When you don’t have your vows, but thankful for backups.MARRIED!!!!!!!!This was an awesome wedding party – totally working the pictures.  We had a blast all afternoon!Downtown Denver was so much fun to explore.Oh, just running in the middle of the street, stopping traffic. 😉Jane & Sam, you two are so fun to photograph, seriously!  I love ALL of your pictures!‘WE’RE MARRIED?!’

HA! 😉Those smiles!

Jane, you have the most infectious laugh.This car was perfect for their wedding day!HONK!!!

When Jane accidentally honked the horn as I was by the hood (mini-heart attack) haha!Time for pizza and PARTYING!!!I love when the speeches are personal and heartfelt.

All of these were so genuine and there wasn’t a dry eye (including mine) in the house!First dance as HUSBAND & WIFE!!! <3No big deal, just a serenaded dance on your wedding day. <3 <3 <3A quick cake cutting  – how awesome is this thing?!  Jane’s sister MADE it…and as a TEST run! Are you kidding me?!TIME TO DANCE!!!These are some of my favorite dancing pictures ever! Everyone had a blast all night!I may have gotten on the dance floor a few times as well. 😉The night ended with the guys lighting up cigars under the street lights…And of course some fun night shots of the newlyweds. <3YOU TWO ARE AMAZING!!!THANK YOU!!!

Thank you for trusting me to be your photographer.

Thank you for letting me come to Colorado to celebrate with you.

And most importantly, thank you for one unforgettable night!

You were so much fun all day and I’ll always remember this wedding with a HUGE smile.  🙂

Congrats you two!<3 <3 <3

*A little about Jane & Sam*

Q.  When did you get engaged? Where?

A. March 22, 2016 at Zapata Falls Campground near Great Sand Dunes National Park

Q.  How did the proposal happen?

A.  Sam and I love love love camping and being outside with our dogs. So, Sam, being as sweet as pie, decided it would be a good idea to propose at our annual Dunes camping trip. It was a little more complicated than expected… He originally wanted to propose the first day we were out there at the base of Zapata falls. It was March, so the falls were frozen over and cast the most beautiful ice blue light in the little cave you have to walk in to see it, but there were a few families that kept walking in and out of the cave. Sam knew that I hated the idea of public proposals, so he waited instead to try again the next day at the top of the dunes. This didn’t work out either because we stupidly wore ourselves out by hiking up one of the steepest dunes and, on top of the exhaustion, the wind was atrocious! We could barely open our mouths without getting a mouth full of sand. So, he opted instead to propose that night at the campsite. He wanted to wait until after dinner so that the sun would be setting (cheeseball), but there were two issues: we accidentally destroyed our original dinner and had to make do with cans of spagetti-os and he couldn’t find the ring, which he had been keeping on him since he thought he was going to propose a few times. The spaghetti-os ended up being hilarious and he found the ring just in time. We had the fire going with whisky in our hands and cigars waiting. We usually have a cigar on camping trips so I said something along the lines of “okay, lets start smoking.” To which he replied, “Well, we don’t have anything to celebrate yet.” As he had unintentionally been giving off clues all weekend, I knew what he was about to do. My eyes started watering and I grabbed him as hard as I could. After about two whole minutes of me sobbing happy tears, he said, “Are you gonna let me do it or what?!” I let go, he got down on one knee, and the rest is history!

Q. What was the most important aspect for you two when planning your wedding?

A. Not only did we want our wedding to reflect our personalities, but we also were deadest on making it less of a formal ceremony and more of a party for all the people we love! So, the giant party 🙂

Q. What was your favorite thing about your wedding day?

A.  Jane: Aside from getting to marry my best friend, I would say having so many of the people who have loved and supported us under one roof. It was amazing getting to see all of our separate groups come together for such a happy occasion!

Sam: You mean other than getting to marry the love of my life? How much of a party it turned out to be!

Q.  If you could do it all over again, what would you change, if anything?

A.  Although it all turned out perfectly, we might have decided to wait to open the bar until after the ceremony… The tab might have lasted a little longer then!

Q.  What is one thing unique about your wedding that you would love to share?

A.  We asked guests to suggest songs for the dance playlist on their RSVP… That led to an amazing soundtrack for the majority of the evening!

Q. What were the first dance songs?

A. Newlyweds- Linden from One Flew West performing Noah Gunderson’s Jealous Love
Father/Daughter – Topaz by the b52
Mother/Son – Landing Feet First by Bayside

Q. Where did you (or plan to) go for your honeymoon?

A. We moved across the country for our honeymoon, but are looking forward to using our nonexistent honeymoon as an excuse to travel next year!

Q. Can you give any advice for future couples planning a wedding?

A. Well, this is tough because ours was done one such a condensed time schedule, so I would advise against doing the whole thing in 6 months… But I would also say that no matter how amazing your family and future families are, be prepared to let someone down… Although people say “its your day,” we all know that other opinions come into play and you CANNOT please everybody. As much as one person might hate your idea of having a temporary tattoo station at your wedding, 99% of everybody else will think it was the best idea they have ever seen. 🙂

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Thank you for sharing!

I’m beyond honored to have been a part of your day!

To many, MANY more years of smiles and laughter.  And no matter WHERE you live, I’ll fly out anytime. 😉


***It was so cool seeing their engagement picture printed out like band posters!  Such a fun idea!A HUGE thank you to my friend Maria of Maria Harte Photography who not only flew out to CO with me to 2nd shoot this wedding, but also helped to keep me calm in a new environment.  Love you, you crazy short thang! 😉 <3And just in case you were wondering…we LOVED the tattoo station. 😉 HAHA this was up on SnapChat later that night.


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