Jaime + Jason : Wedding at Elements at Water Street in Naperville

Friends for over 20 years fall in love and get married.  Now THAT’S a story to share! 🙂
When asked : What’s one thing about your spouse that made you realize you wanted to marry them?
They answered : “We as a couple never stop laughing, We are always having a good laugh and we knew this was the key.”
They weren’t kidding! I’ve never had so much fun with a couple who LITERALLY never stopped laughing! Even through tears during beautiful speeches at the reception, laughter was all around these two.  Jaime and Jason are the epitome of happiness and you will ONLY be smiling after looking through the pictures of their day. They were full of so much joy and excitement that they made you feel even more excited just to be a part of their day.  🙂


Q.  When did you meet? Where?  We met in the Marine Corp in 1995. We were just really good friends, Once we left the Marines, we went our separate ways, but reconnected on Facebook, 20yrs later.

Q.  When did you get engaged? Where?  Right around July of 2016, sitting in bed and said are we going to do this!! HAHA

Q.  What was the most important aspect for you two when planning your wedding?    

The ease of the process.  We didn’t want to be a Bridezilla and stressed about everything.

Q.  How did you choose your wedding venue (s)?

We had a wedding planner, that helped with getting us many choices. We went with the church being our local place, the pictures being in a beautiful area and the venue because of the atmosphere, food and drinks.

Q.  What was your favorite thing about your wedding day?    

That everyone we talked had a blast and said it was the best wedding they have been to.

Q. What were the first dance songs?
  “In case you didn’t know” by Brett young, a country song which is surprising cause Jaime does not like country. So she picked one too “Through the Fire” by Shaka Khan.

Q. Where did you (or plan to) go for your honeymoon?

Costa Rica.  It was amazing and we slept most of the time to recover from everything.

Q.  Can you give any advice for future couples planning a wedding?

Get a planner, pay the extra to stress less. AND its your wedding, don’t let other influence you, even family. They will get over it!!


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Their amazing vendors for the day :

Venue : @elements_at_water_street
Coordinator : @kuhhrysten
DJ : Rich Bednara
Hair : Nikki Giampoli
Makeup : @bridesbykelly
Cake : #DettasBakery
Dress : @davidsbridal
Suit : @menswearhouse

Their ceremony was short and sweet with personal vows, lots of tears, even MORE laughter, and Jaime was accompanied by her son as she walked in. <3

So much laughter! 🙂

And so much emotion. <3


Before meeting the rest of the wedding party, we took a few formal portraits by the Marine Memorial in Elmhurst.  Fitting as they met long ago in the Marine Corps. <3

I’ve photographed at the Wilder Mansion next door a few times now and never realized that memorial park were there.  Thank you both for showing that to me.

Then we got to meet up with their BIG and beautiful wedding party.

Love these big group shots!

Instead of boutonnieres, the guys held action figurines in their pockets. Loved this!

And instead of bouquets, the ladies had blush toned camisoles.

Jaime’s was light blue of course. 😉

Such a fun group!

Love this gorgeous duo!

And as you can see, they never stop laughing. 🙂

<3 <3 <3

One of my favorite couple pictures EVER!

Jaime, you have one of the most infectious smiles I’ve ever photographed! <3


Off we went to Elements on Water Street in Naperville for delicious food and LOTS of dancing!

Their centerpieces were so unique and heartfelt.  They had pictures of different animals on each table, along with their descriptions, and how you could go about adopting one. Loved it! <3

And talk about a family-filled cake topper! <3

MR. & MRS.!!!

As I said before, these speeches were funny and emotional, given by family and friends.

So many tears and even MORE laughter.

I loved that Jaime’s daughter had the same infectious smile!

Every BFF deserves a hug and picture of said hug like this. <3


It’s official! 😉

After their first dance, the dance floor opened and stayed open even after I left…and I’m sure even longer.

This was an awesome reception to photograph!

<3 <3 <3


Jaime even graced us with outfit #2, glow-in-the-dark crown and all!


Simply put : You two are JOY!

From the first day meeting you and feeling as if I’d known you for years, to laughing uncontrollably during your photos, you made your wedding day one of my favorite experiences.

Thank you, THANK YOU for letting me be a witness to it all.  I truly wish you so much happiness, (although, I’m pretty sure you already have so much), and lots of love!

Cheers to many more nights of laughing ALL THE TIME!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *




The last wedding on the blog from 2018!

Loved this season and cannot WAIT for the next.

See you soon 2019 couples. 😉

Thanks to my AMAZING 2nd Jamie for all of your help and catching some fun BTS moments. <3 Sometimes you gotta put the cameras on the belt and show ’em how it’s done. 😉


Cheers to upcoming 2019 weddings!

I’ll most likely be the photographer dancing the night away right along with ya. 😉

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