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Hi everyone!  Many of you already know me (or have a read a little about me on my BIO page), but for those who have yet to work with me, I’d love to share a little more about who exactly LIZ of Elizabeth Greve Photography is.  Last Fall, I bought a Marie Claire magazine with Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover…because it’s SJP.  I LOVE anything SJP!  In fact, a while back, I helped organize a Sex and The City styled shoot! It was so much fun and it even got featured on The Perfect Palette! 🙂

As I was reading through the magazine, the very last page (go figure) caught my eye.

It was an interview with Tory Burch.  I loved the mix of personal and professional questions asked in it.  Here are her answers.

I am a part of a wonderful organization called The Rising Tide Society.  It’s a group of creatives FOR creatives that help and support each other in their business endeavors with the strong backing of ‘Community over competition‘.  You can read a little more about them HERE.

Throughout the week, they post different ways for each of us to share more about ourselves and our businesses with each other and potential clients.  One way is by posting a ‘Friday Introduction‘.  This can be done on Instagram or Facebook and it simply shares some simple facts about you that helps to give a more personal look inside the creative behind the business.  While I always try and come up with new facts to share, it can be hard without first being asked a question about myself.  Long story short…(or not?)…I saw this article and thought, why not answer those?  I learned more about the business mogul that is Tory Burch this way.  I’m sure this would be fun for my clients and then potential clients to read as well right?

Well, you tell me…with a little bit of ‘photography‘ tweaking, here is a little more about ME :

 1.  If I weren’t a photographer, I’d be : I actually originally went to school to be a pre-school teacher, but quickly decided I was too much of a kid to actually have the discipline to teach. (God bless all of you amazing teachers out there!)  I wanted to goof around and play and have fun.  That being said, I think if there was anything in the world other than being a photographer, that would be fun, I would possibly be a movie critic (or professional movie watcher). 😉 HA! I LOVE movies, so going to see them and get paid for my opinions on them?  THAT would be cool.

2.  Best career advice I’ve gotten : I’ve heard this over and over from many people : to know that the number of followers you have doesn’t define the success of your business.  It’s the way in which you engage & interact with each other (your online conversation), that will ultimately determine your success when booking clients.

3.  Most agonizing career decision : Trusting that I could make my business work ON MY OWN and quit my 9-5.

4.  Easiest career decision : The same as the above.  The only way I was going to actually SEE if going out on my own and making my business succeed was TRYING.  The day I gave my 2-weeks notice at my 9-5 was the scariest but also the most thrilling.  I gave myself permission to TRY.

5.  Work I’d do for free : Document the lives of those less fortunate (ALL OVER THE WORLD) and use it to help finance help for them to build homes, start jobs, etc. I guess that would be photojournalism right? 🙂

6.  How I made my first dollar : I was 15 and got my work permit to cook, clean, and work the register at a fast food joint in Frankfort, IL called Cristiano’s. (No longer there).  I ate WAY too many chicken nuggets on that job! HA!

7.  Last thing I binged watched : Mr. Robot – SO SO good! Watch it and get your mind BLOWN!  What else should I watch?

8.  Book that left a lasting impression on me : I haven’t read any in a while, unfortunately.  However, I did LOVE Tina Fey’s : Bossypants. That lady cracks me up and motivates me at the same time. GIRLS RULE! 😉  Any suggestions on a good one you are reading???

9.  Song I’d want played at my funeral : I always said I want a party when I die.  No wearing black, wine all around, and music that makes everyone happy.  I hate going to wake’s and funerals where everyone has to stand in silence while they cry over the loss of their loved one.  Why do I have to be quiet? I want to be loud, yell, cry, and sing.  So that being said, I’d throw some Van Halen : When It’s Love or Jump in there, but also something like Supertramp’s Downstream, and for sure some BEATLES : Blackbird, Strawberry Fields Forever, Yesterday…too many to list.

10.  If I could live in a foreign country, it would be : ITALY! Sitting at a small little restaurant sipping wine while you watch people go by in the golden sunset light.  Perfect right?!  Also, GREECE!  I’ve never been so I can’t say I’d love it (I’ve never been to Italy for that matter), but come on! With that blue water and gorgeous landscaping, what’s NOT to love about it there?  And hey, I do like Greek food a lot!

11. What every woman should try once in her lifetime : TRAVEL ALONE.  Everyone needs one good trip where you drive or fly or hike alone and experience something within YOURSELF.  It changes you and builds your confidence.  You got this lady! 😉

12.  My perfect day would begin with : The smell of coffee and bacon in the kitchen (or really any breakfast food – I LOVE BREAKFAST), followed by a movie and relaxing with my Jeffrey.  Maybe a walk on the beach to follow…we have to move somewhere warm first, though. Sorry Chicago. 😉

13. My perfect day would end with : A glass of red wine, a perfect sunset view on a balcony, and a laugh about something ridiculous Jeff or I said or did that day. <3

14.  One thing I’m exceptionally good at : Uplifting my peers.  I somehow find these crazy words of wisdom when people need it the most and really don’t know where it comes from.  But I know I’m helping in some way just by being there for them. 🙂

15.  One thing I’m epically bad at : Giving and listening to my OWN advice from #14. :/

16.  If I could compete in an Olympic sport, I’d like it to be : Crazy Dancing (like making up some of the weirdest and silliest moves that make people laugh, and then you win if people laugh at you the most). Sounds fun right? 😉 Oh wait, was I supposed to choose from a sport that already exists? Then Figure Skating – I am TERRIBLE at ice skating.  And by terrible, I mean, I step on the ice and I Fall…HARD..every time.  So if I could imagine myself competing in something that I’m bad at and winning…it would for sure be Figure Skating.

17.  The three qualities I thought I wanted in a partner : Funny, Uplifting, Caring

18.  The three qualities I know now matter : Funny, Uplifting, Caring (I mean Jeff is all of those and they truly matter to me). <3

19.  Moment I knew I was in love : I fell hard and FAST for Jeffrey.  I knew I loved him right after we started dating. He cared so much about me and made me feel so loved that it was really easy to truly fall in love with the person he was and IS.  The moment I actually SAID IT?  We had just gotten back to my Elmwood Park apartment from a karaoke night on Madison Street in Forest Park (where we went during college for drinks).  We were sitting on the couch laughing about something silly and he just looked at me and said “I’m so in love with you.”  I was about to say the exact same thing so I immediately spit it out.  I still remember how I felt that night wanting to tell him, and waiting for when we got home.  I’ll never forget that and I hope everyone gets to feel that endless happiness in their lifetime. <3

20.  Craziest thing I did for love : I agree with Tory when she said to ask her partner, but I’m not exactly sure.  I mean, don’t you HAVE to be crazy to be in love?  So isn’t every day you are with that person the craziest thing you have ever done?  I think so. So my answer is I love him every day, without question, and unconditionally.  That’s the craziest thing I’ve done – FOR LOVE. <3 😉

Well there you have it.  20 questions answered about my life so far as it is.  It’s fun thinking about the answers.  For me, it made me happy for who I am, where I am, and the kind of person I am.  I’d love to hear and answer more questions from YOU all though.  So comment below or go to my Instagram post today and comment with something you would love to learn about me.  Clearly, as you have read from the above answers, it doesn’t need to necessarily be photography related. Hope you enjoyed the read about ME.  My challenge to you?? Try THIS and write out your answers.  It was really fun! 🙂


(Always trying to get that PERFECT shot!)

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