Grace + Olivia + Katie + Matt : Twin Newborn Session in Lemont

Getting the email with the subject line ‘BABY PICTURES‘ in it was so exciting for me.

I’ve been friends with Katie since my freshman year of high school.

I was given the honor of photographing both her engagement session and wedding to her awesome husband Matt.

When we planned their engagement session, they wanted to start at their new home together in Lemont.  We took a few pictures out front and a few out back before exploring the downtown area .

The one thing I remember from that evening was saying how cool it would be to one day come back to their home and photograph these same images with their first child.

4 years after their wedding, that thought became a reality…but not just with one first child, but TWO!  TWIN GIRLS!!!

If you want to see the cutest gender reveal reaction video, check out the Instagram post HERE.  I LOVE her mom jumping and clapping and her dad grabbing her right away to give her a hug before she could even hug her husband.

Needless to say, this family was BEYOND excited for girls after so many adorable little men in the past years.

Here was their big family session we did with 3 of the boys in the family at the time.  Now there are 4!  Well, watch out gents, these ladies are about to rock your worlds! 😉

I came out to meet Katie at home with her two beauties.  They were sleeping at the time, but not too long after I arrived, we heard little miss Grace.  Now I’m telling you, there is something about ME that makes babies want to stay awake during their newborn sessions.

I swear it’s not your kid. 😉

No matter when we plan, even around nap times, they always seem to want to be awake.  It’s like they don’t want to miss anything.


I didn’t care though, because look at this gorgeous angel!

Hello Gracie!As you’ll quickly notice throughout this post, these two sweeties have Very, VERY animated facial expressions.

It was so much fun to catch in camera.  I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling.

I remember the exact same feeling when I photographed mom and dad’s engagement session….hmmm, interesting. 😉

Look how she stares RIGHT AT ME…

Then it’s like she looks away as if to say, ‘So, what should I do now?


Either she saw a crazy ghost standing behind me, or she knows something we don’t about what’s in that diaper of hers.

😉Sometimes, girls aren’t meant to be swaddled tightly.

They want to move around, explore….and, well, look like mermaids. 😉I LOVED the decor in their room.  Mom and Dad did a great job!Soon after Grace woke up, it wasn’t long before little Olivia did as well.

Mom swaddled her up, placed her in her crib, and this is the curious face that welcomed me…

Hmmmm, not so sure about this photoshoot thing.’Those VERY animated expressions?

Olivia is the MASTER!

🙂 🙂 🙂Baby sneeze caught on camera. HA! Too cute not to share!One of Katie’s friends made these adorable headbands for the twins.

Everything else they had was too big.

How adorable are baby ears???

<3Grace and Olivia (or on Instagram, #theOG) MAY be twin sisters, but MAN OH MAN do they look different.

Grace is very much Matt in the face and hair color, but Olivia…she’s a Fassl baby!

LOOK AT THOSE EYES!!!Twin life…Katie, you are AMAZING! I’m in awe of you with two kids! 😉We both just sat there and watched them make so many different expressions.

So cute to watch!<3 <3 <3Grace :


So quiet and calm, a gorgeous little sweetie with some very LONG feet.  I wonder if she’ll be as tall as dad.Olivia :


Very active and mobile. This cutie pie has big, gorgeous eyes like mom and knows how to work the camera.Beautiful Katie.

🙂See what I mean about Olivia and her ‘mobility’?  Constantly moving while Grace sleeps soundly.

<3After a little while though, they found their comfy spot and slept cuddled together so sweetly.True to sibling form though, it’s as if Grace KNEW Olivia finally fell asleep, so the poking began.



THESE TWO ARE THE SWEETEST!!!!Don’t worry, just seconds later Olivia was up and crying……but it didn’t seem to phase Grace.HeheThese were the reactions we got when we tried to change their outfits.

Might have been a mistake.

But then we got this!


Olivia : “Alright sister, let’s think about how we can portray drama for this lady.”
Grace : “Already crushing it sis!”

Oh the cute twin life!BIG BEAUTIFUL EYES!!!

<3 <3 <3So many expressions, she doesn’t even know which to show first!

Those forehead wrinkles are AWESOME! Took me a few decades to master mine! 😉This new mom sure hands BOTH hands full.

But I know it’s totally worth every crazy moment. 😉I think we know who will be sitting in the front of the classroom…

…and sleeping in the back.

LOL!And then with Dad at home, we ventured outside to create those same images taken years earlier during their engagement session.LOVE this family portrait on the front steps!

(Now, we’ll have to remake this every year!)

😉And of course one on the back porch.  Dad’s turn for pictures with the babies.

They are so tiny in Matt’s arms! <3One proud Dad. 🙂Katie, you are gorgeous! Honestly, you are glowing!

Motherhood looks AWESOME on you. 😉With how sweet these two are, you KNOW for sure their kids will grow up to be amazing!I loved how small their toes were with the wedding rings on them!MY FAVORITE!

Suddenly, life is filled with so much more joy!When you know they are DONE with taking pictures…

…and ready for another nap.<3 <3 <3Such sweet Mom/Daughter & Dad/Daughter moments.

🙂 🙂 🙂The EPITOME of twin life.

While Olivia gets burped, Grace lays patiently waiting.

SO CUTE!Started with 2…end with 4!

HA!Love capturing these moments of ‘Home Life’ for this family. 🙂KATIE, MATT, GRACE, & OLIVIA :


Thank you for letting me be a part of all of your firsts.  This one for sure meant so much more than I can say.

I am beyond happy for you all and wish you all many happy and healthy years to come.

Life may seem crazy at times, (especially now), but hopefully you can look back at these moments and remember where it all began with a smile.

HUGS to you all!




And NOW some fun comparisons!

Their engagement session (Couple of 2)                     *                     Their family session (Family of 4)Their engagement session (Couple of 2)                     *                     Their family session (Family of 4)And because these two are so animated, making MEME’s out of their pictures was a MUST!


😉I LOVED meeting these little angels.  They are simply amazing and absolutely gorgeous!



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