Garden of The Gods in Colorado

I’m extremely lucky to be able to travel to Colorado every so often, and be able to stay with family when I do.  This trip was short, but sweet.  It’s been months since I’ve seen my mountain climbing monkeys, AKA nieces and nephews, and to say I was excited would be a huge understatement.

Any time I come in the Spring or Fall, I somehow bring a snow storm with me. It’s become a running joke now but for real, it keeps happening!  This visit was no different.  My late night flight out happened to be one of the only ones that made it from Chicago to Denver.  All others were being cancelled because of the storm.  I guess it’s the universe saying “Auntie Bebbie, go see your family!” <3

The first day in was not unlike Chicago, though, with gloominess and snow.  But, just like our unpredictable Spring weather in Illinois, Colorado can be just as much.  Within a few days, the sun was shining and we were outside taking walks with my dog nephew Ajax, jackets were off, and sunglasses on.  To our pleasant surprise, the weather forecast for the big outing we had planned to the Garden of The Gods trails happened to be warm and sunny.  After a bit of a drive with some fun sing-alongs and a burger stop for lunch, we made it for a gorgeous afternoon of walking with blue skies and sunny skies.

Here are some favorite views of our visit in Colorado Springs.

There were so many amazing views from every angle of the trails.And beautiful animal life up close for all to see.If you have been following along on INSTAGRAM, you know my eldest niece is currently doing research on a photography project for school.  So after a little lesson, she took over some of the photo documenting. 🙂I snapped this close up shot of my adorable freckle-faced nephew though. <3

Kai got the wider shot on the right. 🙂There were so many hidden areas for the kids to get lost in.And stare at to get lost in thought.My Arabian family, the mountain climbers.All the styling credit for this album shot goes to Baba.

Love this one of my 3 cuties!If you are ever in the Colorado Springs area, I would highly recommend stopping here.

It’s gorgeous AND FREE!Until the next adventure CO,


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