Family at Cantigny : Matt + Jenna + Halle + Olivia


Words can’t express how adorable this family is.  (That’s what pictures are for!) 😉

I had the honor of photographing Jenna & Matt’s wedding over 3 years ago.  Then last year, they came to Chicago and I got to meet their first born Halle in Lincoln Park.  I immediately fell in love!  I mean, how cute is she???!!!  Then, I got an email from Jenna saying they would be in town again this year for one weekend.  I was so happy I was available, and beyond excited to photograph their beautiful family of 4.  It was so cool seeing how much these two beauties looked like their parents in their smiles and expressions.  I love this session!

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Here is Matt + Jenna + Halle + Olivia!


The picture on the right : one of my favorites and a SNEAK PEEK on Facebook.

It was one of the first 10 frames and it’s just perfect! <3

When you ask Halle for kisses, you get a BIG kiss! haha! <3

(Loved that not even 5 minutes into the shoot, she ran over to me, hugged me and gave me one too.)


This picture though?  I’m with Matt – could not stop laughing!  LOVE Olivia (Oli)’s face!

Sisters <3

Halle has the curls.

Olivia has the cheeks!

I think they need to remake this picture every few years.  Same expression.

I couldn’t stop laughing.  Their expressions say so much.

Oh Halle, stealing the show.

Those curls and eyelashes, such a doll!

I was convinced Olivia looked more like Matt, but here I see her pretty mom. 😉

Dad + Daughter = <3

Their smiles in the middle are identical. 🙂




Beautiful Oli & Jenna.

Yep, this family is pure cuteness!

Oli, what must you be thinking? HA!

A true family portrait .  LOVE!

Oli and her dad. <3




We lucked out with a gorgeous day at Cantigny.

Oh Halle. <3

Don’t worry guys, I found my walking stick.

We took a picture on stairs on their wedding day, one with just Halle last year, and now one with Oli included. <3

(Scroll down to the bottom to see the comparison!)

You two make some gorgeous kids! 😉

Love this one! Such a beautiful couple both inside and out!

Frame-worthy! 😉

These little moments… <3

I couldn’t choose just one, so all 3 get posted! LOVE these mom/daughter pictures!

Oli loves her parents.  Such big smiles! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Halle making everyone crack up, including me! 🙂

This little lady was a perfect little squishy doll!  <3

I’m so honored to still be photographing your growing family.  You two are just too sweet.

And see, you didn’t look tense at all during this picture. 😉 (Oh boy, you had to be there!)

As we were walking out, we saw this Halloween display.

If you ask me, this is the best one. 😉

Matt, Jenna, Halle & Olivia – THANK YOU!

I had such a blast during your session and LOVE getting to see your beautiful family grow.

It’s such an honor to photograph you all and so cool to see what gorgeous little cuties you make. 😉

I hope you enjoy your pictures as much as I do!

Until next time!


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A little comparison fun! 🙂

Wedding (top left) 2011 : First child (bottom left) 2013 : Family of 4 (right) 2014

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