Elizabeth + Franky : DoubleTree Wedding in Oak Brook

I was so excited for this day.  I love this little family and couldn’t wait to celebrate with them.

I had so much fun photographing their engagement session a few months earlier in Oak Park where I completely fell in love with their little cutie Rylee.

This day had been brewing for a long time and I knew everyone was just as excited as I was!

A day filled with a very large wedding party, a LOT of family, and one very cute little flower girl.

I met up with Ellie & her bridesmaids getting ready in Cicero.  It was a house filled with a lot of people.  So much that everywhere you turned, there was something going on.

Ellie was just starting her makeup and I caught her before it was applied.  She is a stunner even without it! Look at that smile!

Check out her robe…keep scrolling to see what all the bridesmaids wore!

While mom was in the kitchen getting all dawled up, Rylee (aka the flower girl…aka Ellie & Franky’s daughter) was napping by the wedding dress.


Anyone else dying to see this gorgeous thing on?!


There is something beautiful about the chaos of a wedding morning. 🙂

Ok ladies, check out those lashes! I love when brides wear fake eye lashes.

For pictures, it really does make your eyes pop! Just a tip! 😉

Ellie’s gorgeous bouquet.

The bridal details.

I love taking detail pictures but really I just want to see the bride in the dress!

It is for sure, and I’ve said it before, my favorite part!

Just two little flower girls hanging out having a chat. 😉

Up first, Rylee…if she isn’t the cutest thing! <3

Oooooooh, so much fluff!

LOVE all the matching robes.

And the adorable smile on the flower girl. <3

Look at those natural waves.  Rylee is just too cute…but wait…

…yep, she gets cuter!!!




Those eyes!

Then it was Ellie’s turn to get dressed.

Multitasking. 😉

This is just adorable!

HA! Rylee’s face is priceless!

Driving through a little drizzle, I met Franky and his family at the church.

Saint Mary’s was one busy church.  This wedding was scheduled right after one Quinceanera and another was to follow us!

Just when I thought the flower girls were the cutest little things…I met all the boys in the wedding!

I always like to help with boutonnieres, but letting mom do the pinning is always better.

At least for a picture’s sake.  😉

The handsome groom. 🙂

A quick walk through before the walk through. 🙂

And out come the gorgeous flower girls.

These kids stole the show!

I never know what to expect with grooms or brides when they walk down to meet each other.

I wouldn’t have pegged Franky for an emotional guy, but man did he prove me wrong.

I loved his reaction!

Ellie & her very sweet Uncle. <3

Pure happiness.




Their gorgeous church.

I love this picture, especially in black and white.

Exchanging vows.  They both were so sweet when talking.  So much love.

Hey guess what? You’re officially married right now! 😉

Taking it all in…

Then they did a traditional exchanging of the coins.

Right around when the Priest said this meant that Elizabeth would be handling the finances.

I’m not sure who has the better reaction. 🙂

The lazo tradition.

The symbolism of the lazo is to show the union and protection of marriage.

I love when family and friends fill up the church for the ceremony.

Boys will be boys. 😉


Racing back in to get at least one portrait in the church.

The next Quinceanera was already set up at the alter!  This is one busy church!

I suggested we go to Riverside, about a 10 minute drive away.

The rain stopped and the sun came out. 🙂

Ellie just happened to look down at her dress…BOOM! Love this shot!

Thank you sun for making an appearance!

One of my favorite groomsmen pictures.  So much personality!

Check out these lovely ladies!

We were walking over to the bridge by the river and the firehouse just happened to be open.

We asked.  He said yes.  When in Rome (Or Riverside). 😉

Such a fun wedding party and what a gorgeous day!

One of there Facebook SNEAK PEEK’s.

We of course had to make way for the bicycle riders. 😉

Men in suits.  Doesn’t get much better.


Love this one!  End of the bridge…beginning of Mr. & Mrs. <3

I couldn’t get enough of this gorgeous afternoon sunlight.

You guys are just too cute!

While waiting for more people to pass on the bridge…gotta love the in-between’s. 😉

So I think you should blow this up big and hang it. Just my two cents. 😉

Me hiding in the bushes and Ellie obviously spotting me. 😉

Off to The DoubleTree Hotel in Oak Brook.

Cocktail Hour was serenaded by a real Mariachi band! So much fun!

Holy flipping room batman! What a ceiling!!!

I absolutely love that they walked in with their daughter!

Congrats to this beautiful family!

Cake cutting together.  They are just so sweet!

I love Rylee’s reaction to mom and dad. 😉

A sweet start to their first dance.

And then the music sped up and the real dancing started!

The beautiful moms.

Ellie’s Uncle gave a very sweet speech.

Ellie’s sister, her MOH and the moment she admitted to egging Franky’s car way back when. LOL!

Another heartfelt speech by Franky’s best man.

Speech reactions are always so much fun!

Dinner was being served, the Mariachi band was playing and then I saw Rylee. <3

After dinner, it was time for a few more special dances.

The Ortega’s. 🙂

The up-lighting in the room was so cool.  I was having fun with these pictures of a dad and daughter dancing.

This was a BIG wedding.  And everyone stayed on the floor all night. It was awesome!

So many dance moves to photograph!

I’ve never seen this line dance before but man was it fast and fun to watch!

This guy next to Ellie in the blue shirt…yep, he was a pro!

Sometimes there just aren’t enough single people for the garter/bouquet toss.

At this wedding, this wasn’t the case.  These are some of my favorite garter/bouquet moments!

The chaos of this moment is just awesome!




A proud groom. 😉

Love this!

Just as I thought the craziness was over, a bunch of guys picked Franky up and decided…

Let’s throw him in the air!

The first few times were high enough, but the last one…

Can you see the fear on Franky’s face?! HA!


Quick, it’s past 10pm, do you know where your kids are?

Of course! Under the table asleep with her bottle and blanket.

Franky, Ellie, & Rylee – Congratulations on such a special day! Thank you for letting me be there to witness it all.  I had so much fun with you all!

I know you are going to be truly blessed in life as it was evident by all the love surrounding you on your day.

Best wishes to your future!  Can’t wait for future family photo sessions! 😉



{A little about Ellie & Franky}

1. When did you meet? Where?

We met while working at Jewel when we were 16 & 17 years old.

2. When did you get engaged? Where?

We got engaged November 9, 2013 at the Hyatt downtown Chicago.

3. How did the proposal happen?

We stayed downtown for our anniversary and our daughter was dropped off in the morning. Franky took her dress off and the next thing I knew he had a ring in one hand and Rylee in another, with a onesie on that said “will you marry my daddy?”

4. Wedding Ceremony & Venue location/Additional vendor info.

Ceremony: St Mary of Celle in Berwyn, IL
Reception: DoubleTree in OakBrook
Dress: David’s Bridal
Tux: Men’s Wearhouse
Shoes: Bride’s something borrow
Hair: Maricela Ramirez
Make-Up: Angie from Sephora
Flowers: Phillips Flowers
DJ: Show on the Road
Rings: Hurst’s Jewelry

5. Honeymoon? Where to?

No honeymoon yet! We’ll save to go some where nice for our one year anniversary.

6. What was your favorite thing about your wedding day?

Being surrounded by everyone we love with nothing but smiles and awesome dance moves.

7. If you could do it all over again, what would you change, if anything?

As unfortunate as it is, we would change the church. Everything else was perfection for us!

8. What was your first dance song?

Stand By Me by Ben E King with a transition to the Prince Royce version.

9. Any advice for future couples?

Live in every moment of the day, because most of it will feel like an out of body experience. It’s your day, embrace it. And things will go wrong, but you just roll with it.

10. 3 words to describe your husband/wife

Franky describing Ellie :
Beautiful, smart, vivacious
Ellie describing Franky :
Passionate, intelligent, kind-hearted



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