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Hi friends!

Well, this year has started off…UNEXPECTEDLY…shall we say?

I know all of us, at one point or another, have felt uncertainty, confusion, anxiety, and endless amounts of emotions…and it’s only May!  Along with it, though, we have seen amazing kindness and dedication all over the world.  To me, that always outweighs the negative.

Like many others in my field, the repercussions from COVID-19 have thrown most photographers for a loop whether dealing with postponements, safety concerns, and lack of new bookings.

Fortunately for me, my clients have ALL been amazing! I cannot thank you all enough for your kindness and consideration of MY feelings through all of the changes that you are faced with each week and month as we get updated. The amount of ‘virtual hugs’ I want to send to everyone is limitless!

With all of the UNKNOWN, I thought it best to share what I DO KNOW.

I know that my clients are extremely important to me.  Without all of you, I wouldn’t be able to do what I love, share in your happiness, and help bring smiles to everyone who sees your photos.

I know that ALL I ever want is to make sure we ALL stay safe, healthy, sane, and happy.  Whatever we need to make that happen (not only during this time), I am always willing to do.

I know that I can offer unique alternatives to all of my clients who are not sure how to move forward with their sessions or dates. (keep reading...)

I know that (and you may have seen this phrase already) LOVE IS NOT CANCELLED.  Remember that even if we have to postpone – NOT CANCEL – we will still meet up again, create those unforgettable moments in pictures, and have a blast!

– I know most people are unsure of whether or not they can still book sessions with photographers this year.  I have actually gotten emails from clients asking if I still planned to book this year.  Because of that, I’m sharing everything you need to know from me.

As of May 15th, in IL, we are able to photograph OUTDOOR SESSIONS ONLY with 10 people or less.  This, however, could change throughout the year.  We just have to be patient. You can read more about specific rules for our state HERE.

For all of my EGP FAMILIES :

– YES! I am still booking sessions this year.

– Starting Today (May 21, 2020), ALL families (including past EGP families) who purchase a session with me this year (through Spring of 2021) will get 50% OFF the original cost ($700).

1 session = $350 (same value for all past and new EGP families)

– These sessions can ONLY be booked if you purchase an EGP Gift Card here : CLICK TO PURCHASE 

– After purchasing, you must present your EGP Gift card details and purchase total when inquiring at

– While the card value does not expire, the date in which you must inquire AND book does.  You must redeem your card no later than June of 2021.

– The session can be booked anytime between Summer of 2020 and Fall of 2021.

***Not interested in pictures for yourself? That’s ok! – You may purchase any value between $50 – $350 to gift to family or friends.  They will then owe the remainder of the $350 total when booking.

Q. Are these different from your normal family/portrait/lifestyle sessions?

A. Everything will remain the same EXCEPT new safety precautions :

– I will not be entering into anyone’s home until further notice.

– I will be wearing a mask when necessary (and especially if you prefer me to).

– I will social distance at least 6 feet away when directing you for pictures.

Included in your session :

– 1-2 hours of coverage ^

– location of your choice (Chicago or Chicago suburb – we will pick a place safe for all of us)

– all images posted in a private PASS gallery

– full resolution digital files

– favorites posted to blog to share

– photo release in gallery with full printing rights

^ Time spent with you to connect for better pictures is extremely important to me.  Therefore, even with a discount, I will not be shortening the time offered for your session. It’s never fun to rush. 😉

As always, email me anytime with questions :



There are options available to you.  I know the idea of postponing your wedding date seems extreme, annoying, and sad.  BUT, change can be positive too!

I am currently working with all of my couples on a case by case basis.  Some have postponed entirely, and some have worked with me to create a unique option that works best for them.

Here are some options for you :

A. POSTPONE : If you postpone your wedding day completely, I am currently NOT charging any rebooking fees.  This is a choice I made for my couples.  The current COVID-19 situation is not pleasant for anyone involved, so I am trying my best to accommodate you all in any way I can that is less stressful. I only ask that you stay in contact with me on any date openings you receive from you venue.  I need to make sure that I can be available for you.  If I have the date available, I will create an amendment to your original contract that you will need to sign.  That’s it!

B. 1/2 & 1/2 : (If you are no longer using your original venue) – You can choose a new date this year (again, one that I have available), where you have a gathering of less than 10 people outside for a small ceremony followed by pictures.  We can use 1/2 of your originally contracted hours/time for this new 2020 date, and then redeem the remaining hours/time for a 1 year anniversary session in 2021.  (I even have a bride hoping to bring in her full wedding party in 2021 for pictures because they won’t be included this year.)  You can choose who you want to be included. ***This of course is if you have already talked with a priest/pastor/officiant for the new 2020 smaller ceremony and obtained your marriage license.

C.  Small 2020 Wedding + Postponed 2021 Wedding : You have postponed your wedding BUT you really wanted to officially be married in 2020.  Well, this can still happen.  Once your original wedding is postponed and the amendment is signed, I would then send you a new contract for your smaller ceremony for 2020 after we have agreed upon a date.  Think of it as a portrait session, except you will say ‘I DO’ instead of just ‘Cheese’ 😉 .  The cost would be the same per hour as your original contract stated (contact me with questions).

These are all ideas that I have already planned with current EGP couples.  But that’s just it.  They are ideas.  Your wedding day is still unique and yours.  We can use this crazy 2020 disadvantage, brainstorm together, and make it more of an advantage.

Have any other ideas? Tell me! 🙂

My only goal is to make known to everyone affiliated with EGP just how important you are to me and my company.  In order for me to keep working and producing the pictures and moments you love, I need your input, dedication, and understanding.


FAMILIES: Contact me anytime at with questions on this new 2020 1/2 off EGP offer. The eGift card link :CLICK TO PURCHASE

COUPLES : Contact me anytime as well at with concerns, questions, or ideas.

Let’s keep each other updated, thinking positively, and moving towards creating as many unique experiences as possible.



Hope this makes you smile. 😉

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