Dinu + Susan + Lily and family in Winnemac Park

Every year I get to meet up with Lily, her sweet parents, and extended family and take pictures.  Every time Susan contacts me we think maybe we’ll go to a new location.  But then we always decide on the same place, Winnemac Park in Lincoln Square.  I love it for the fact that every year Lily changes and gets older and we get to remake pictures in the same spot.

Last year’s session.

Lily’s paternal grandmother always brings dresses for her to wear from India and this year, just like every one before, they did not disappoint.  Here is sweet little, now 4 year old, Lily and her family.

<3 <3 <3

We met on one of the VERY hot mornings this Spring offered and managed to find enough shade to keep us all cool for a while.

Lily and her lovely mom.

Silly Lily and dad. <3

These dresses were made for dancing and twirling…

Love this beautiful family photo!

Lily brings out the smiles in everyone. 🙂

Time for dress #2! And bracelets of course!

<3 <3 <3

Mom and Dad should always get a picture together.

Dancing with monkeys. 🙂

That face on the left is VERY different from the one on the right. Ha!

I LOVED all of the trees in bloom in the park that day, especially this one behind them while Lily ran around.

HAHA! Love this silly girl.

‘Come on Grandpa!’ <3

Her curls are just the sweetest!

It was HOT out and we were all reaching our limit of photos, but dad knew how to get Lily smiling some more.

BIG HUGS to end this amazing morning.

Thank you all again for meeting up with me! I love creating new memories with you all each year and seeing Lily grow up. I can’t believe next year will be 5! WOW!


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