Courtney + Kyle : Wedding at Jennifer’s Garden

This gorgeous wedding day began with a pair of blue Vans stepping out of a Cherokee. 🙂

I was so excited for Courtney & Kyle’s wedding day after working with them during their engagement session.  They were so easy going, very fun, and SUPER cute!  The best thing is they just let me do my thing and they know how to be in the moment and just enjoy the day.  That makes for some of the BEST photos! <3

After a drive from Chicago to Morris, here is the beautiful, HOT, rainy, power outage, and FUN wedding of :


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They casually drove to their wedding in the same car and smiled when they saw me.

Love Kyle’s little wave. haha!

🙂The lovely venue that is Jennifer’s Garden.So many beautifully color details for a June wedding.After a few minutes of cooling off inside, everyone ventured out to the crazy humidity for group pictures.

We scheduled everything to be done before the ceremony so they could enjoy more time with friends and family.Such a fun big group!  You gentlemen were troopers in that heat!<3 <3 <3There wasn’t a lot around the venue, but when we saw this field, I KNEW instantly pictures were going to be great!Then the rain started…So inside we went with our smiles and all! 🙂Seriously loving up on these colors! So vibrant!Moments like these…I can’t get enough of it. 😉


The image on the right – ALL THEM!After a while, the clouds parted, the rain stopped, the sun came out and back outside we go!

(Does it seem a tid bit windy to you?) 😉Check out the guys and their socks!

Suspenders and colorful fun socks = YES PLEASE!The few tries before a success with a bright sun and sensitive eyes.

(Thanks for indulging me guys. But seriously though, that SKY!!!)

😉The handsome groom and gorgeous bride! <3Cover of a bridal magazine shot? I think so Courtney! 😉A few minutes before the ceremony we headed in to freshen up.Something about this storm made for one VERY HOT & HUMID DAY!

Thank goodness the ceremony was short and sweet. Last picture with mom & dad before getting married.1, 2, 3…MARRIAGE!!!

TeeHee 🙂Seriously Courtney, you were one VERY beautiful bride!Kyle smiled pretty much throughout the entire ceremony.

🙂The final blessing……and MARRIED!!!Congratulations!!!After LOTS of water and all formal family portraits INSIDE, (no joke, it was really HOT!), we headed out for some of just the bride & groom.The back of Jennifer’s Garden had gorgeous landscaping.

We did most of their pictures without moving more than a few steps at a time.This window and that reflection! <3

How cute are these two with their matching VANS shoes?!From those images above…you simply turn around and here is another great spot!I love me a little symmetry. 🙂I had to get pretty low for this shot.  This field was so pretty and I wanted to make sure they got it in their framing.

(The image below is my favorite SNEAK PEEK!)

Keep scrolling to the end to see some in-action shots of how I took this! 😉Notice the clouds behind them?

A HUGE storm was rolling in so we rushed to get in as many pictures as possible. But it made for an awesome sky!LOVED the jewelry details. <3

LOVED this day!

LOVE you two!


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{A little about Courtney & Kyle}

1. When did you meet? Where?

Through her cousin, and maid of honor Kelsi.

2. When did you get engaged? Where?

February 13th 2013, Pilcher Park

3. How did the proposal happen?

Went to Pilcher Park Greenhouse to take pictures with Kyles new camera. Courtney went into the other room and I called her in. I was on one knee kneeling down when she saw the ring. She didn’t say yes, she thought I found the ring and said I needed to return it. I had to calm her down and let her know that it was in fact her ring and I was asking her to marry me.

4. Honeymoon? Where to?

December 5th 2015 Playa De Carmen , Mexico

5. What was your favorite thing about your wedding day?

Seeing all of our friends and family having a great time.

6. If you could do it all over again, what would you change, if anything?

Would have had plastic cups for the dance floor!

7. What was your first dance song?

‘Better Together’ : Jack Johnson

8. Any advice for future couples?

Advice for future couples would be to have fun and enjoy your day. Don’t let all the things you have to get done overwhelm you.

9. 3 words to describe your husband/wife

Kyle = caring , funny , witty

Courtney = thoughtful , beautiful , forgiving

10. Vendor Information :

DJ – JPW Productions, Jon Wise

Venue – Jennifer’s Garden

Photographer – Elizabeth Greve Photography (2nd – Nicole Defilippis Photography)

Florist -Michaelann –

Dress –Bella Sposa

Makeup Hair for Courtney – Kendle Petrusa

Makeup for girls – Bridal Brigade

Mens Clothing – Men’s Warehouse

Courtney’s Ring – Kay Jeweler

Kyle’s Ring –  Amazon

Shoes – Van’s


Courtney & Kyle, I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful day!

Thanks for being such troopers so some, shall we say, interesting weather and creating such a fun experience for us!

I can’t wait to share more pictures soon!

I wish you all the happiness in the world you can stand and THEN Some. 😉

Until next time,


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