Corbin + Olivier : Lincoln Park & North Ave Beach Engagement

Meeting new couples is always an adventure.  Engagement sessions are my favorite to shoot because I get time alone with a couple to really get to know them.

Right away, Corbin and Olivier were so kind and welcoming.  I felt as though we had already met before and were just there to catch up and have fun.  I mean, shouldn’t ALL sessions be like that?! 😉

We started the afternoon in Lincoln Park and slowly made our way through the South Pond area, and eventually ended on the water at North Ave Beach.  The forecast called for sunny skies and gorgeous weather.  Little did we know, however, a huge storm was coming in shortly after we finished.  But it for sure made for some of the most AMAZING skies for their background…keep scrolling to the end.

The weather was just the icing on the cake, though, for how wonderful their day was.  They had two very specific details that came together so perfectly.

THE RING (via Corbin) : “The stone was from his great grandma’s engagement ring and was then given to his grandfather when he proposed to his grandma. She was an avid jewelry enthusiast and had it reset in the 1970’s to what it is today. Sadly, she passed away about a year and a half after we met. We were incredibly fortunate to be the recipients of the ring as the family was dividing her incredible jewelry collection. The craziest thing is that we didn’t need to resize it at all, it fit perfectly!

THE DRESS (via Corbin) : “My grandma notoriously kept everything and we were lucky to find this dress as we were cleaning out her closet a few years ago. The great fun of that experience was that she was exactly my size when she was my age, so I played a lot of dress-up as we were going through everything.  She most likely made this dress herself in the 1950’s. We even use the same notch on the belt that goes with it!” 
How AWESOME is that?! Both the ring and dress are from their grandmothers and nothing had to be resized! Fate? I think so! <3

I’m beyond happy with how this session turned out and must say I couldn’t stop smiling when I was editing through all of the images.  Simply put, these two were a joy to photograph.  They made each other laugh and smile so much and went along with every little quirky direction I gave them.  I appreciate that you two! 😉

It’s sessions like this that remind me why I love my job so very much.  I didn’t stop smiling throughout and now I’m so beyond happy to share their lovely images with everyone else.

Corbin and Olivier, thank you! <3 <3 <3

To everyone reading and looking through this blog post, if these pictures don’t make you smile, I don’t know WHAT will. 🙂

That dress and these smiles!!! <3 <3 <3

That crazy storm coming in hot!

Their last few pictures will not soon be forgotten as one of the craziest moments my clients have experienced…

As a little extra luck I suppose, the birds flying overhead just happened to relieve themselves as a well-wishes gift to the happy couple. It all landed…perfectly…should I say?

Sorry you two, but so glad you laughed through that moment! 😉

I cannot thank you both enough for allowing me to photograph your engagement for you.

I will forever treasure this afternoon and will most likely always reference you two when talking about funny things that have happened while photographing. 😉

I truly do hope wedding planning goes smoothly for you and you enjoy every minute of it!

Sending so many HUGS and lots of laughs.


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