Cavanuagh Family : Summer Home Session in Frankfort

Oh these two! <3

I finally got to meet JoJo’s little brother Will this year.  You might remember Johanna and her parents from past sessions like this one in Chicago.

You might also remember how adorable she was.  Well, she only got cuter and now her brother just ADDS to the the sweetness of this family. Right away, JoJo was ready for pictures and all about her brother.  Sitting so sweetly with him and talking to him and kissing his hand.  My heart just melted. I mean, look at these smiles..and those EYES!

We spent most of the morning indoors as it was VERY hot outside, but we had a blast.  The kids entertained us, well mainly JoJo, and I got to take in some of the cutest moments of the whole family…even their dog…just hanging out together, making one another laugh.

<3 <3 <3

JoJo and her stories. <3

See what I mean about entertaining? 😉

Love this one! Sweet JoJo just looking over at me. 🙂

Chill Will is just that, so chill.  This cutie will pull at all of your heart strings with one look.

Mom and JoJo time…

Silly ladies! 🙂

And the BIG smiles come out!

The boys together. <3

We ventured outside for a little bit (bet you wouldn’t guess it was ridiculously humid out right?) and the kids played in the yard.

Anyone else LOVE the swings like JoJo?

<3 <3 <3


Sibling love.

When it’s too hot outside, we entertain indoors…with a fan.

And with toys that make noise.

Who’s the photographer here JoJo? 😉

After a little ice cream to cool off, we walked outside for a few more…

And JoJo climbed the stairs to go talk to her imaginary friend. 🙂

If nothing else, let’s all try and be more like this girl.

Brandon and Amy, thank you for such a fun session with your family.

You two make the CUTEST kiddos! I can’t wait for the next time I get to see you all.  Until then,


Also, you two are pretty darn cute too. 😉

Cavanaugh Family, Frankfort, Spring, 2018

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