Cavanaugh Family : A Fall afternoon in Naperville

Days spent with this family are ALWAYS so much fun! I love going into photo shoots with past couples or families knowing that they will let loose, the kids will play, and by the end of it, we’ll all need a nap. 😉

Ever since first meeting this beautiful family (with baby JoJo way back when), I’ve had the honor of meeting up with them so many times since.  Amy and Brandon are the SWEETEST parents (and people just in general) and Johanna and her brother Will are so much fun to photograph.  They are both so unique and very different and you can see their personalities comes through every time a new picture is taken.

Last year, we had a VERY hot Summer day at their home where we could only spend a few minutes outside before having to come inside to cool down.  This year, we met up in Naperville by the river walk in Fall, and got to spend the entire time outdoors.  We enjoyed exploring, finding flowers, trying to find bunnies, and being entertained by JoJo’s silliness.  Needless to say, this family is such a joy!

I even got a request from JoJo to take a picture WITH her. THAT moment was amazing. (scroll to the end to see). <3

Thank you all for such a beautiful afternoon.(JoJo asking her dad if she could get a picture with me.  The CUTEST!)

Thank you Brandon for taking this! 😉

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