Carlo + Sarah + Kaiyane + Raffi + Kami : Family Mountain Adventures in CO

Here we go again!!! Another trip out to the gorgeous Boulder, CO area to visit my beautiful family.  The last big visit was their move from Chicago out.  This time, we got to explore the Flatirons – Chautaqua Park.  And talk about a perfect evening…the sunset came to party! 🙂Hello my lovely fam! <3

Going from a Chicago skyline background to a mountain background looks PERFECT on all of you!The amazing KAIYANE ELIZABETH and my buddy boo RAFFI WILLIAM <3 <3 <3 My CK – Crazy KAMI ALISE always on the move.I think they get their energy motivation from their running Baba. 😉Kai showing her posing technique.

🙂 🙂 🙂Raffi is always exploring…If this isn’t a TRUE TO FORM monkey evolution picture, I don’t know what is! 😉Sarah, you look so regal in this one. 😉 <3All smiles… Kami’s classic grump face, lol!Kai Kai rocking the Mary Poppins hat – this girl makes ANY picture more amazing! <3Girl talk. <3Sarah and her girls. Love these!Oh Kamers, I just want to squish you all the time!You two make those mountains look great! 😉<3 <3 <3 What do the boys do for fun? – RACE of course! 😉the BIG Arabian family portrait. HA! Love these random in between shots.My gorgeous seesta!

Also rocking that hat lovely!Such a perfect day.These ones make me happy. 🙂A Mama and her son. <3These crack me up…from grumpy to happy – sister pictures!Kai Kai and her Baba. <3Mama knows how to get this boy to smile.

LOVE these!SEESTA’S! <3 <3 <3Run, KAMI, run!!!

So happy!So much love in one picture.Baba is KING…of the mountains.<3 <3 <3Raffi : Can you take a picture of me with my head down so it looks like flowers in the ground?

Me : Sure!

😉You two look like official Boulder residents. 😉Siblings…gotta love em!Nothing compares to sisters.Kami wanted pictures with the flowers. This kid is too cute!Raffi wanted pictures by himself in a specific spot…he rocked this solo shoot!These pictures…ALL HIM. My buddy boo is so handsome. <3While I was visiting, Sarah (my sister) and I got to take two mornings in a row and go on hikes just us!

It was some much needed sister time…sister hiking for the soul? I think so!


Another perfect day with the Fall leaves changing.  This time we hiked around Wonderland Lake Park.A photoshoot here is a MUST next time.

GORGEOUS!Up the mountain we went…Made it!The next day we went up the highest I’ve ever been yet in Boulder.

The views did NOT disappoint.My sister is so adventurous. 😉ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!!This picture doesn’t do this place justice.

It was literally breathtaking.Oh you know, just hanging out in my amazing Eno hammock I got from Jeffrey for my birthday.

Perfect spot to try it out!The newest additions to the Arabian household?


Couldn’t resist some adorable pictures of the kids holding their new family members…and me too of course. 😉So happy!This was HILARIOUS!

Just as I was getting a picture of the kids with their chickens, the one on Kami’s shoulder decided it needed to be on her head…

watch it jump up!The kids thought it was sooooooo funny! 🙂Chicken heads all around! LOL!SOOOOO fluffy!And the newest gift idea for these cuties…

a HAMMOCK! 😉They had a blast in their backyard.<3 <3 <3LOVE YOU MY SWEET ARABIAN FAMILY!!!





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