Caitlin + Nick + Lucas : Minnesota Newborn Session at home

When you get to go back to Minnesota a year after your cousin’s wedding and photograph her newborn son. <3 <3 <3

These are the moments that are the COOLEST when it comes to being a photographer.  And let me tell you, this kid did NOT disappoint.  The cutest ears and cheeks and BIGGEST eyes.  Awake for most of our visit, Lucas entertained us all and my heart was bursting when I left.  Caitlin and Nick, I’m so excited for you both and so honored to witness these major moments in your lives.  Congratulations on this angel AND your new home!

I mean, look at those eyes!!!! Nick you are a natural. 😉

I met them at their first home together with Lucas for a few pictures.

Of course the overalls and John Deere hat from Grandma were an outfit change MUST! 😉

I MEAN, <3 <3 <3

That scowl though! So adorable!

Oh, hey bud! 😉

The boys. <3

Nick made that crib….he MADE it! So cool! See the H for Hawkins?

Mom and her son. <3

Caitlin, you are a pure natural!

Also involved in this shoot…their 3 cats! Can you tell which one didn’t really like me? LOL!

I spy 3 furball protectors by a crib.

It was pretty hot outside but such a gorgeous day in Chatfield, so pictures outdoors were a must!

LOVED this big tree in front of the house.

Keep scrolling to see a comparison done here from their wedding.

Our 2nd stop : Their new home! They are currently renovating, but I got a quick tour and we took a few photos inside.

How cool will it be to look back when Lucas is older at these first photos?! 🙂

And their backyard is HUGE! So perfect to hang out together. <3

Love you all so much and so happy I got to visit for a little while to document Lucas at home.  Thank you for having me! He is a BEAUT!

Good luck with the rest of the house renovations! 😉


And here is their wedding to newborn/family comparison! Love the pose!

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