Beth + Mikey : Intimate Backyard Wedding Ceremony

Beth and Mikey were the absolute SWEETEST couple to photograph!

Instead of a normal engagement session for their postponed 2021 wedding, I was given the honor of photographing the most intimate backyard ceremony.  They were surrounded by immediate family only and of course their adorable dog Cordy…aka the flower dog. <3

I love that so many couples are choosing to still get married this year and do so with these #microwedding celebrations.  It’s so much fun seeing how each couple pulls together the little details that are important to them for their day.  They really create something so unforgettable and it’s truly so exciting to witness.

When I drove down the street of Beth’s parents house, it was hard to miss.  A HUGE balloon display created by Sweet Jorys with the words MR. & MRS. was in the front yard welcoming guests and ready for anyone who wanted pictures.  When I walked the side pathway out to the back, I saw what would be a normal every day backyard transformed beautifully into a colorful ceremony and reception area.

The ceremony was dawned with green, gold, and white balloons and the aisle was lined with lightly colored rose petals. White chairs were placed spaced out for the family on either side.  Under a big white tent were a few tables for everyone to eat afterwards…and wait until you see the food display…especially with the AMAZING cake from Beth’s bakery.  Oh yes, you better believe when the bride owns a bakery, the cake is going to be unforgettable. 😉

One of the coolest things, and honestly an idea I have always loved myself, was that Beth and Mikey were getting ready together in the same house. While Beth’s mom helped zip up her gorgeous green dress – yes GREEN! So cool! – Mikey waited patiently with Cordy watching from her comfy spot on the couch. When I asked them beforehand about all of the details they wanted photographed, Beth replied with, well there aren’t a lot.  Today will be pretty simple and low key.

And that’s exactly what it was.  There was no stress, no rushing, no fuss about where to be and when.  In fact, after putting together their ‘LOVE IS NOT CANCELED‘ sign together, we headed out front for their ‘first look‘, which they decided would be silly poses around the balloons after Beth placed Mikey’s boutonniere on his jacket.  It was perfect. From start to finish, they spent the day with each other, planning out every detail together.

I made my way through the house photographing the details as they continued to be placed.  After a few fun pictures, lots of bubble practice with the boys, and parent gifts were exchanged, everyone talked out how the ceremony would go.  Mikey had both his parents walk over with him and Beth waited inside to walk out with her dad.  Across the deck and down the petal lined aisle, Beth made her way up to Mikey and they exchanged vows, laughs, and an epic balloon filled kiss.

After some celebratory champagne and lots of family portraits, everyone watched wide-eyed as the delicious food began to be displayed outside.  A quiet family dinner under the tent, a sweet toast by the bride and groom thanking everyone – including me! <3  – for being there, and cake cutting after a matching photo with their dog. This day was beyond special and every detail, big and small, became more important as it went on.

This family had a blast celebrating two of their favorite people on a day originally unplanned.  But, I’m sure from now on, Beth and Mikey won’t be able to imagine their marriage story without this day.

Thank you two for letting me be a part of it with you!

The amazing vendors included :

The Florals : @flowersflowersevanston
The Balloon Displays : @sweetjorys
Cake : @bethslittlebakeshop
The Green Gown : @lulus
Tie bar : @tiffanyandco

(Mikey self-captioned this photo as ‘Taking his single life out to the trash’. LOL!)

Talking with the Newlyweds :

Q.  When did you meet? Where?  

We met on Bumble- 2 years ago.

Q.  When did you get engaged? Where?  

Mikey proposed to me at the Vampire Weekend concert 2 fathers days ago. I was completely surprised even though I knew an engagement was happening soon! Our seats were on the isle and as soon as we got engaged I looked around and saw close to 75 people cheering for us!!

Q.  How did you start your wedding planning process?  

We started planning right away- booked our venue and I bought my wedding dress. A lot of our planning was through recommendations and business I have worked with through the bakery.

Q.  What was the most important aspect for you two when planning your wedding?

Our venue was really the most important. We wanted to be married at architectural artifacts and hopefully next year we will be. (I cannot wait! 😉 )

Q.  What was your favorite thing about your wedding day?    

The way our family’s came together to help us create this magical, much smaller wedding than what we planned on.

Q. What is one thing about your spouse that many people might not know? Any funny, sweet, silly stories? 

B : He is the most thoughtful and caring man I have ever known. He always puts me first and wants me to be happy all the time.

Q.  Can you give any advice for future couples planning a wedding? 

Be very organized and have a backup plan!!


Sending you both BIG hugs until we meet again next year!

THANK YOU for his unforgettable day! <3

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