Becca + Peter : Lincoln Park Awkward Engagement…or is it?

When I first met up with Becca and Peter to talk about engagement pictures, the idea of #awkwardengagementphotos was mentioned multiple times.  In fact, we even googled and looked through photos of Kate McKinnon online HERE.

They both voiced what most couples do, the concern that their pictures would look or feel awkward anyways.  (Believe me, I get it.  It can be really uncomfortable being in front of the camera.) So they thought, why not PURPOSELY make them awkward and have some fun with it?  They had planned to wear matching outfits and pose a few silly ways.  Now, mind you, wearing matching outfits is not a bad thing by any means, BUT it usually gets associated with early 90s awkward family photos, so people assume it’s not ok to do.  But honestly, look at them! They look pretty dang cute to me!

I was so excited when we met up to take these.  I had even been searching ways to REALLY make their pictures ridiculous and silly.  LOL!  It was such a weird concept…’how do we make these look really awkward?‘ HA! It was quite the opposite of how I usually prepare for a photo shoot.  But I didn’t care at all.  I’m all about making my couples comfortable and making sure they have fun to get the best photos THEY want.  Because these are YOUR pictures not mine.  My main focus ALWAYS is to create pictures that YOU want.

So, it began with Becca & Peter…and Jelly and Moose…and a big YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL sign. Fitting right?  🙂

We went walking around their neighborhood with the dogs who literally pulled them so hard, I couldn’t stop laughing.

But look at them!!! Dogs can be challenging to photograph, sure! But these two were so fun and kept focus on my camera. It was AWESOME!

<3 <3 <3

That tongue though!

Before they went inside with the dogs, I had them sit outside their home for a few family shots.

Christmas photo??? I think so! 🙂

Here they are! The official awkward photos….or are they?

The only thing Becca and Peter proved the entire afternoon is that they are anything BUT awkward.  Here I was thinking we would be getting these ridiculously silly photos, and instead we got two people smiling and laughing with each other and having a blast.  If you ask me, these are the exact OPPOSITE of awkward.

Also, I have now realized this is a perfect way to get rid of any nerves before starting a couple in their shoot.  Thanks for the new tip guys! 😉

Right before they changed to their 2nd outfit the mail lady showed up just in time with Peter’s new shoes.  He had ordered them specifically for these pictures.

Talk about perfect timing!

And off we went to Lincoln Park Zoo, right next to Cafe Brauer, where they will get married next year. 🙂

Their wedding is in March, so we made sure to get as many pictures outside as we could.

Because you never know what March in Chicago will be like (and Peter and I actually have a bet on it! Will I get my snickers bar, or will he get his sour patch kids???) 😉

Honestly though, I would start directing these two and they just made their pictures 100% better just by being them.

It helps that they constantly make each other laugh.

“So I think it would be silly if you just get all up in there…you think you can….(Peter jumps in right away – legs UP – and Becca and I are shocked!).”


The colors around the lagoon area were gorgeous!

And now it’s time to straddle that tree…


<3 <3 <3

The sun was hiding but we didn’t care.  It made for such a cool backdrop with the foggy skyline.

“Spin her in, she said.  It will be easy!”

HA! This is the cutest!

Such a sweet couple!

The multiple stages of figuring out how to twirl your fiance…HA!

They had each other laughing all afternoon. LOVED IT!!!

Cannot wait to see these two dance the night away in this great hall next year!


So what have we learned?  When you go into a session expecting to be silly and laugh, you WILL!  But only if you let go of any expectations and just have fun with each other.  Trust me, enjoy each other, keep smiling, and maybe, just maybe, your planned awkward engagement photos will turn into the best photos possible!

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