Ashley + Kevin : Holiday Engagement in Lincoln Square

The sweetest couple gushing over their dog Penny, their obsession with everything Harry Potter, and their love for travel.

These two were so much fun to meet with over drinks to discuss their wedding plans.

I couldn’t WAIT for their engagement session, especially because they chose my old neighborhood, Lincoln Square.  <3

The days leading up to their session date were cold, because it is Chicago and this is December.  But that morning, the sun came out and we actually reached mid-40s! It was perfect!

But how perfect is this family photo with their adorable dog Penny?!I couldn’t get over this cutie!These two images next to each other just make me laugh…crazy Penny and lovable Penny. <3 <3 <3 Too bright Liz, just too bright. LOL!Christmas decor was all over the neighborhood.  It was so fun to include in their pictures!Oh hey there! So nice to meet you Penny (and LOVE your name after Penny from Happy Endings!).

Now it’s time for just mom and dad to get some pictures alone. 😉We decided on a few indoor locations in case it was a little too cold outside.

The first stop was The Grafton Pub & Grill, where Kevin proposed to Ashley just outside and celebrated in the back space with friends and family afterwards!We took over that same back space by the fireplace for pictures, and out came all the Harry Potter memorabilia! 🙂How cute are they?!Ashley has the BEST smile and Kevin had her going all day.  These two are just amazing to photograph!LOVE LOVE LOVE!Thank you Grafton for letting us play!On our way to the next spot we came across this Christmas tree lot…so OF COURSE we stopped!

Hey guys, just casually walk over there and act all lovingly to each other.  I’m going to pretend to take pictures of trees. 😉

HA!TOTALLY GUSHING HERE! <3 Ashley, you are gorgeous!Pick a tree. Any tree.You two are awesome!

They just did THEM. I just did ME and took pictures of them doing them. Get it? Good! 😉But seriously, this image on the left? HA! Apparently Kevin does that a lot. LOL!You two are beyond cute!So much CHRISTMAS EVERYWHERE! <3Oh, and hearts on walls.

Yep, we were finding all the lovely little details in the neighborhood…and small little nooks, because I like them.

So just sit there.

HA!Walking through the main shopping area in Lincoln Square and we of course stopped at the big tree all lit up.LOVE this one! You guys look so content and happy.How about a little ring bling with a little Christmas light bling?<3 <3 <3Our last stop was Artango to going DANCING ON STAGE! Yep, they wanted a picture of them dancing on stage. 🙂

I wasn’t sure what to expect but as soon as we heard the music playing outside, the dancing began and these two were pretty impressive!Dancing with spotlights = LOVE!As if they couldn’t get any cuter, the Harry Potter wands and scarves came out for a few silly pictures.“This isn’t a map to Lincoln Square!!!” 😉Such an amazing afternoon and I had a blast! Thank you both for being so quirky and fun to photograph.

It was truly the best way to end my 2017 engagement season!

I can’t wait for your wedding next year!


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