Abbie + Adam : Chicago Loop Engagement

Let me just preface this session with the fact that it probably should be called “Abbie + Adam + Roxy” because this dog kind of STOLE the show for the start of their pictures.

I always get asked about outfits and what not to wear for engagement sessions.  I’m more than happy to help with suggestions and my go to is ALWAYS be YOU and be COMFORTABLE.  And this year, I have a new style site I send to help couples choose what colors and style would look best on them! 🙂

The 2nd most common question, though, is if they can bring their dog, to which I ALWAYS respond with YES! YES! YES! Just like with family sessions, dogs (yes, comparing to kids, LOL) can help to take nerves away from being in front of the camera.  Let’s face it, it’s rare to find people that are truly at home smiling and cheesing it up in front of a lens.  I’m a BIG fan of being behind one obviously. 😉  That being said, I try my best to make everyone as comfortable as possible.  Photo sessions can be a fun few hours we get to spend together documenting your life as it is right then.

And these next few photos will prove why bringing your dog to your session can ONLY make it better.

I met Abbie & Adam at Winnemac Park in Lincoln Square (a few blocks from their house…and a block down from where I used to live so I was excited to go back and walk around). It was WINDY and a tid bit cold but we were all excited.  (I think Roxy especially). 😉

While it can be hard to get dogs (and kids for that matter ha!) to sit still, I like it because it’s a chance to document real life moments you might not otherwise see.

And then moments like this happen when this darling simply HAMS it up for me. HA! <3

And sometimes other dogs want to come join in on the photo fun. 😉

It’s great seeing couples interact with their pets and each other.

You can slowly see them getting more comfortable with each minute passing and just enjoying themselves.

A ball or toy always helps though. 😉

“Ok guys, I’ll take the ball now….no seriously where is it?”

And MAGIC! Roxy cheesin it up for me! 🙂

Love and willow trees. <3 <3 <3

And then again, like magic, as we start to take photos of just the two of you, it slowly gets easier and easier. 🙂

“But seriously guys, where is my ball?” HA!

<3 <3 <3

LOVED all of the colors in the park.

I later found out because of the crazy Fall storms and wind, this red tree fell over! So glad we got there before it did!

Roxy was hilarious, just running around them while they walked. I couldn’t stop laughing.

You two are adorable!

Roxy’s face was pulling at my heart strings while she patiently waited for mom and dad to be done with solo pictures. <3

<3 <3 <3

“Ok, can we go home now?”

“So, this is our home and this is MY couch. Welcome.”

“Sometimes, I allow them to sit with me.”

“And I don’t know why, but I also let them use me for ring pictures.”

After a quick outfit change and walk through the neighborhood, we took a quick train ride to the loop.

First stop was pictures in front of the building where they work. 🙂

And the iconic LaSalle Street Board of Trade building.

Again, it was COLD and REALLY windy! These two were troopers!

Finding any corners possible away from the wind to warm up. <3

<3 <3 <3

After a while in the cold, we made our way into this GORGEOUS lobby for a few more…and a little dance.

Because, why not? 😉

LOVED the light in here!

And to top off the night, upstairs for some Bourbon and ring pictures.


Thank you both for such a fun afternoon! I had a blast at all of the locations and Roxy is just the SWEETEST! I seriously cannot WAIT for your wedding next year!

More Old Fashioneds soon? 😉


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