A Rustic Winter Bridal Style Shoot at Knotty Pine Farm in Northern Illinois

February 3, 2013 – I woke up seeing all the snow outside and probably for the first time ever had a huge smile on my face. 🙂  This day would be perfect for the bridal rustic wedding shoot planned out in Wonder Lake, IL at Knotty Pine Farm!  Freezing or not, I knew we would get some great pictures.

This year I had the honor of helping to organize and photograph a very creative bridal stylized rustic shoot at Knotty Pine Farm.  We wanted to showcase a few vendors, their talents, some willing and able volunteer brides, and most importantly Knotty Pine Farm and all its beautiful surroundings.  We were lucky to get so many people involved and as you can see, capture many different settings for a wintery rustic wedding day setting.  I can only imagine seeing a real wedding take place on such a gorgeous property and hopefully I’ll get to photograph one there soon!

I started the morning out with a ride on the back of Stacey’s (the owner) four wheeler to snap some shots of the horses as they ran towards us trying to catch the hay being thrown out.  I was able to get some amazing shots of the horses running towards me while it was snowing out as well as some gorgeous property/area shots of Knotty Pine.  It was such a cool thing to see and experience!  Thanks Stacey for making that happen!

After I got off my ‘four-wheeler high horse’ (ah-thank-ya), I spent the morning splitting time between our volunteer vendors and brides for various shots all around the farm.  We started with table settings inside, food displays, floral design shots and so much more.  Towards the afternoon Megan from Now We’re Cookin’ graciously made us some delicious lunch and then it was off to photograph my 6 brides!

I can’t thank these ladies enough for braving what seemed to be one of the coldest days this winter for these pictures!  With the help from Maggie at Glam Ooh La La, our brides looked outstanding in their old or borrowed wedding gowns.  It was cool to see some of my friends and past brides dressing up again like it was their wedding day.   We even had help from some adorable little flower girls in their yellow dresses!

At the end of the day, we decided to go take the final group shot out by the horses as the sun was setting.  Just as I told the brides to turn and face the horses, the horses stopped in their tracks staring back.  COOLEST PICTURE EVER!  If there was ever a time to yell ‘That’s a wrap” that was it.  It was the perfect way to end our day.  Here’s hoping for a wedding booked at Knotty Pine soon! 😉

*A huge thanks to our hosts Knotty Pine Farm

**Thanks to the brides : Ashley, Lindsay, Abigail, Jenelle, Melissa & Kelly for helping to make some gorgeous bridal portraits!

***A special thanks to all the vendors who came out to brave the cold all day!  Photography : Elizabeth Greve Photography  Floral Arrangements : Petals n’ Bloom  Linens : Beautiful Day Linens  Makeup/Hair : Glam Ooh La La  Food/Catering : Now We’re Cookin’  Design : Hitched

Thanks for stopping by! HUGS!

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