A Father’s Day Tribute

There is a saying that goes along the lines of ‘Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a DAD.’

I knew this year as I started blogging that some posts might just be more personal than others.  This would be that one.

Whether they are physically here with us or watching from above, our dads play an important part in who we become as we grow up.  I’ve had the pleasure of photographing many different dads in my job as a wedding photographer.  My favorite thing about it you might ask?  Their reactions.  Watching a dad see his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress, sharing a story about their lives during a speech, or coming together on the dance floor for a father/daughter dance, the reactions are almost always the same; pure JOY.  🙂

I always feel so honored to play such an important role in a couples wedding day as I capture their memories through pictures.  Being a storytelling photographer, it’s important to me that I photograph the day not only sharing the perspective of the bride and groom, but that of everyone who helped in getting them there.  In this case, Dad.

Here are a few of my favorite DAD pictures from past weddings. (There were SO many to choose from!) Reynolds Wedding 2012 – How awesome is this car??? 🙂Chelepis Wedding 2012 – Dad’s speech…both daughters are crying. <3Korczak Wedding 2012 – Pretty much sums up Bri and her Dad. 😉Kearney Wedding 2011 – Sweet dad/daughter dance. 🙂Frantzen Wedding 2012 – I love the way he’s looking at her. <3Lipp Wedding 2012 – Why dance with just one daughter? 🙂Hammersmith Wedding 2012 – Same smile anyone? 🙂Gonzales Wedding 2011 – The squeeeeze tight Dad hug. <3Mushlin Wedding 2012 – The way he’s smiling at Allie in her dress just makes you FEEL happy.  Am I right?!? 🙂Schwellenbach Wedding 2012 – You might not know what they are laughing at but I’ll bet you are smiling! 😉(left) Steinbach Wedding 2012 – Dad was crying, every bridesmaid was crying, and yes, the photographer was crying too! 😉

(right) Petrick Wedding 2012 – These little moments make me smile. 🙂Ford Wedding 2012 – Right as they started dancing she buried her head in his chest. <3Jochum Wedding 2012 – This one means a lot to me.  I took the picture in the background of this brother/sister’s late dad at a past wedding.  I didn’t know then just how important it would be now.


Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there! {Including Grandads, Step-dads, soon to be dads, past, and present dads}



And to my dad…thank you for always encouraging me to laugh, dance, and do what makes me happy because you know what, I am. 😉 William R. Greve {1958-2002}

*Love you always & forever*


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