A Fall wedding at Orland Chateau

This wedding was particularly important to me as it was the wedding of a long time friend.

It’s always an honor when I get to be such a major part of a couple’s wedding day.  When it’s someone I know and love, it means that much more.

I’ve known Nicole for over 9 years.  She is honestly one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and I’m so honored to call her my friend.

Craig is a PERFECT match for her.  He is so caring and very attentive to Nicole’s every need.  They are both so lucky to find such amazing people to spend forever with.

This wedding has LOTS of bridesmaids & groomsmen, LOTS of love, LOTS of family, and LOTS of leaves… 🙂


I started out at Nicole’s Aunt’s house while the ladies ‘got ready’.

Nicole made this bracelet with her late mother’s portrait.  The gold ring was her mother’s engagement ring.

Who doesn’t love beautiful shiny details?!Yes, there were a LOT of bridesmaids at this wedding!Ah, the beautiful chaos of a wedding day morning. 🙂I mean, she’s not even dressed yet and this girl is GORGEOUS!LOVE the blue bridesmaid shoes.  Sarah, the MOH, got her own extra accents.Oh to be a kid again.  The only worry is who gets to play the princess.Final touches.She got the King. 😉And now it’s time for the DRESS!!!Nicole was one happy bride!The anticipation…How man bridesmaids does it take to zip up a wedding dress?SUCCESS!It’s on! Time to get married! 🙂MOH, Nicole’s best friend, putting on Nicole’s mom’s ring.  This is what we call a beautiful moment. <3Nicole got to play princess today. 😉Aunt Kathy, Nicole’s mom’s best friend. 🙂The gorgeous bride.Nicole, you are stunning! 😉MOH & Aunt Kathy <3A small car ride to the church to meet Craig and his best man figuring out the complexities of a boutonniere.Craig holding the wedding rings.It’s a tiring job being the ring bearer.The handsome groom. 🙂With lots of bridesmaids come lots of groomsmen.Craig and his entourage.Nicole and her dad seeing each other for the first time. <3 <3 <3Yep, I’m crying at this point…A dad and his daughter.  <3 <3 <3More beautiful creations from Petals n’ Bloom.Moments before the ceremony started.This kid was too cute for words!In comes the bride!Probably one of my favorite ‘dad giving away the bride‘ pictures. 🙂The beautiful St. Elizabeth Seton Parish in Orland Hills.Nicole was all smiles the entire ceremony. 🙂The comparison between their expressions here and the picture below it… HA! 🙂The best man handing Nicole’s God daughter the rings. <3

(LOVE Nicole’s face!  Thinking : ‘Here we go!’?) 😉The congregation held their hands up for a blessing towards the bride and groom.  The flower girl spotted a friend.  😉Craig & Nicole laid flowers by the statue of Mary & by portraits framed of their late mothers.You may now KISS! 🙂MARRIED!!!LOVE bubble send-off’s!I always like looking back at wide angle captured images to see what everyone was doing in the background.

Sarah (a.k.a. best MOH ever! You are rocking the bag lady look in those heels!) 😉Off this party went to Lake Katherine for pictures!Rushing an enormous wedding party into place while the rain is moments away…Yep, that’s my job! 😉While huddling under any trees we could find to escape the sudden downpour…

The flower girl is concerned about her dress while the ring bearer is all smiles. 🙂The rain may have stopped, but those awesome storm clouds were meant to stay for pictures.The men.Bridesmaids now in flip flops – blue shoes available – bride now wears blue shoes.  The end.  🙂The lovely bridal party.<3 <3 <3Such a gorgeous Fall day.These kids were adorable! <3Off to Orland Chateau for the reception.

While looking through the window, I saw an empty lot, pretty trees, and lots of leaves…and go!Time for the wedding party to join!Can you tell it’s Fall? 😉Donations made to honor their mothers. <3Mr. & Mrs.!!!Time to party!!!!

This dance floor was so much fun!Nicole works for McDonalds Corp. so it’s a given that they’d have late night apple pie and hamburgers.Last pictures of the night! <3

 {a little about Nicole & Craig}

When did you meet?  Where?
Spring of 2011 in Tinley Park, IL
When did you get engaged?  Where?
June of 2012 in Seneca Park near Water Tower in Chicago, IL
How did the proposal happen?
Craig surprised me.  I thought we were meeting Craig’s family in the city for lunch. 
He proposed at the park then we went to see ”Rock of Ages” at the Broadway Playhouse followed by dinner at the Signature Room at the John Hancock. 
We then met up with my best friend Sarah and Craig’s best friend Miles and his wife to celebrate.
Wedding Ceremony & Venue Location
Ceremony – St. Elizabeth Seton, Orland Hills, IL
Venue – Orland Chateau, Orland Park, IL
Honeymoon : Where to : 
Planning on going to Hawaii in 2014
What was your favorite thing about your wedding day?
Being surrounded by our friends and family.  And finally getting to eat cake after pre-wedding diets!
If you could do it all over again, what would you change, if anything?
Not a thing, everything was perfect!
What was your first dance song?
”At Last” – Etta James
Any advice for future couples?
Planning a wedding can be stressful!  Just keep on laughing and remember to take a minute on your big day to step back and appreciate it!
3 words to describe your husband/wife : 
Nicole about Craig : Thoughtful, Giving, Funny
Craig about Nicole : Caring, Patient, Motivated




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