A Chicago Maternity Session

Let me start this post with saying just how excited I am for too of my closest college friends, Suz & Jordan.  I really do believe they will make wonderful parents and I can’t wait to take pictures of their little cutie!


Now let me tell you how I found out they were pregnant…

We, a bunch of old college friends, were all in Vista, California for another friend’s wedding.  It was the rehearsal dinner and Travis, the groom, was going around introducing the wedding party and other friends to the two groups of family that were there.  As he gets to Jordan, also his best man, he then proceeds to announce in a VERY casual manner, “And this is Jordan the best man and his wife Suzy who are also expecting.


I have no idea to this day what else was said by the bride and groom to be that night.  I was too distracted and beyond happy for two people who I’ve known and loved for so many years.  And now hearing that their 2 would become 3…yep, pretty much a really cool moment.  (Thanks Trav for creating that memory!)  😉

We had originally planned to take their maternity pictures near Navy Pier downtown.  In comes a Chicago winter storm and reschedule we did.

I think we were meant to photograph this day, though, as they planned a night in the city staying in a hotel to have one last evening alone together before baby arrived.

Here is their session…

This boy is going to be stylish!I love working with hotel rooms for pictures as everything is always so simple and clean. 🙂Suz is 33 weeks pregnant here.  I mean, she couldn’t look more radiant. 😉We’ll have to re-take this image in a few months…this time with Mel on your lap!A quick walk down the street and over the Chicago River we go.<3 <3 <3Their Facebook SNEAK PEEK.  Suz, you are stunning in this picture!The one benefit of a Chicago winter : the awesome sheets of ice breaking on top of the river.Another benefit of a winter session…no one is around (probably smart, it was cold!)  😉I can just see you saying to Mel one day…‘this was Mommy & Daddy’s last weekend in the city before you were born.’ <3You two truly make a beautiful couple!I can’t wait to see Mel fill out those shoes!🙂 🙂 🙂Such a cool Chicago day!Suz, good call on the outfit colors! They look awesome in these pictures! 😉<3 <3 <3You seriously make pregnancy look easy Suzy!  I can’t wait to see you as a MOMMY! 😉


Congratulations again Mommy & Daddy to be!

I couldn’t be happier for you two.  Thank you for letting me be a part of this amazing experience.

Love you both and can’t wait for baby MEL! 🙂


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