2019 Shoot & Share Photo Contest

Here we go again! I’ve been participated in the Shoot and Share photo contest for 5 years now and every year it’s different.  It’s always interesting because it’s a contest where WE the photographers get to vote for the best of the best around the world.  It can be very eye-opening AND humbling.  Every year, it’s a great way to see how far your photos make it, see what is trending, and use it as motivation for creating even better photos in the next season.Since 2014 I’ve entered photos and spent a LOT of time voting.  It’s always a fun and inspirational contest to be involved in during the cold winter months when things tend to be a little slower.  You can see my entry results from last year HERE

This year, 14 of my photos were voted within the top 30% of all submitted, and 1 made the top 100 list!

And here are my 2019 entries!

Category : The Wedding Party

Placement : 44/11,412

Category : The Wedding Party

Placement : 290/11,412

Category : The Wedding Party

Placement : 108/11,412

Category : Travel/Landscape

Placement : 2705/28,552

Category : The Bride

Placement : 1471/17,868

Category : Wedding Couple

Placement : 3,610/45,058

Category : Wedding Couple

Placement : 7,187/45,058

Category : Engagement/Couples

Placement : 5,443/48,578

Category : Maternity

Placement : 6,323/26,188

Category : The Bride

Placement : 3,585/17,868

Category : Styled Wedding/Fashion

Placement : 4,621/15,926

Category : Families

Placement : 11,429/41,257

Category : Ceremony/Reception

Placement : 3,486/11,696

Category : Wedding Couple

Placement : 12,446/45,058


(While these didn’t place above the top 30% in this year’s contest, they were some of my absolute favorites from 2018!)

Cheers to an amazing 2018! I cannot wait to see what images will be a part of my favorites to submit for next year’s contest! <3





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