Sarah + Fred : Chicago Engagement at North Ave Beach

Sarah & Fred are getting married just outside of St. Louis at the end of May but they got engaged in Chicago.  In fact, Sarah and I actually went to the same college (one of my 4!), so it’s always an honor to photograph people I know.   We had been planning out their wedding day timeline and I was getting so excited to road trip down to St. Louis and finally explore the city around there.  I have to see the ARCH!

At first we weren’t sure an engagement session could happen with their schedules and the distance, but alas the stars aligned. 🙂  Sarah told me they would be coming in for this weekend, and I was so excited to meet up with them. Right away I was met with the biggest smiles.  As you’ll see as you scroll through, these two are so comfortable with each other and just like to have fun.  They are simply genuine people and I really think it shows in this session.

We decided to shoot close to sunset and it happened to be absolutely gorgeous out!  We have been pretty lucky this Spring though with warm weather…but IT IS CHICAGO…and you never know.

We started out their session along the Lake at North Ave. Beach.

With those Chicago winds, getting close and ‘cuddly‘ was a MUST!

Sarah, your smile is so infectious! And how cute is this picture?! She fits perfectly into Fred’s arms. <3

I always think it’s so fun to play with the vibrant building colors at Castaways.

What did I say??? GORGEOUS Chicago day!

This is one of my favorites.  You two just look so in love and happy here. <3

The sun was out, but so was the wind! Time to warm up for a bit…

I never get sick of that skyline.  <3

Talk about PERFECT light!!!

See what I mean??? These two were UP for anything and just had a blast!

Next, we walked around Old Town afterwards and explored under the tracks.

Remember when you both felt silly and were laughing so hard….well here you go!

🙂 🙂 🙂


Just before she ran up to give Fred with a kiss, the way they looked at each other…(insert cartoon heart eyes here). 😉

As I was editing through these, Jeff (my boyfriend) said,

“Those type of pictures are my favorite. Where you see the city and the buildings, signs, and cars in the background.  Because one day you’ll look back at the history of it all.” 

Well said Jeffrey. Well said. 😉 <3

I always forget about this wall in Old Town…

Where anyone can go up and write something next to :

Before I die I want to…______________________

They weren’t sure what to write, so naturally I suggested for them to write what they are about to do…GET MARRIED. 🙂

Another favorite part of the city…SO MANY FUN WALLS!!!

As with every couple, once we get towards the end of our session, the silliness and more relaxed pictures come out…

I tend to get suggestions of ‘what to do’ or ‘where to go’ or ‘what wall to shoot at’ by the guys more as they get used to the camera.

And sometimes, you just want to make as many awkward/silly photos as possible…because you can…and why not!?


You two are so much fun!!!

Thank you for such a beautiful day in Chicago!

I love that we got to take these pictures.  It gets me even more excited for the wedding day!

See you lovebirds in a few weeks!


Hey, it’s ME!

(photo by : Nicole Defilippis Photography)

Hi everyone!  Many of you already know me (or have a read a little about me on my BIO page), but for those who have yet to work with me, I’d love to share a little more about who exactly LIZ of Elizabeth Greve Photography is.  Last Fall, I bought a Marie Claire magazine with Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover…because it’s SJP.  I LOVE anything SJP!  In fact, in 2015, I organized, with the help of my lovely friend Liz at Elizabeth Nord Photography, a Sex and The City styled shoot! It was so much fun and we even got featured on The Perfect Palette! 🙂

As I was reading through the magazine, the very last page (go figure) caught my eye.

It was an interview with Tory Burch.  I loved the mix of personal and professional questions asked in it.  Here are her answers.

I am a part of a wonderful organization called The Rising Tide Society.  It’s a group of creatives FOR creatives that help and support each other in their business endeavors with the strong backing of ‘Community over competition‘.  You can read a little more about them HERE.

(photo by : Elizabeth Nord Photography)

Throughout the week, they post different ways for each of us to share more about ourselves and our businesses with each other and potential clients.  One way is by posting a ‘Friday Introduction‘.  This can be done on Instagram or Facebook and it simply shares some simple facts about you that helps to give a more personal look inside the creative behind the business.  While I always try and come up with new facts to share, it can be hard without first being asked a question about myself.  Long story short…(or not?)…I saw this article and thought, why not answer those?  I learned more about the business mogul that is Tory Burch this way.  I’m sure this would be fun for my clients and then potential clients to read as well right?

Well, you tell me…with a little bit of ‘photography‘ tweaking, here is a little more about ME :

(photo by : Nicole Defilippis Photography)

 1.  If I weren’t a photographer, I’d be : I actually originally went to school to be a pre-school teacher, but quickly decided I was too much of a kid to actually have the discipline to teach. (God bless all of you amazing teachers out there!)  I wanted to goof around and play and have fun.  That being said, I think if there was anything in the world other than being a photographer, that would be fun, I would possibly be a movie critic (or professional movie watcher). 😉 HA! I LOVE movies, so going to see them and get paid for my opinions on them?  THAT would be cool.

2.  Best career advice I’ve gotten : I’ve heard this over and over from many people, but Jasmine Star voiced it again in one of her online workshops, and it stuck with me.  To know that the number of followers you have doesn’t define the success of your business.  It’s the way in which you engage & interact with each other (your online conversation), that will ultimately determine your success when booking clients.

3.  Most agonizing career decision : Trusting that I could make my business work ON MY OWN and quit my 9-5.

(photo by : Elizabeth Nord Photography)

4.  Easiest career decision : The same as the above.  The only way I was going to actually SEE if going out on my own and making my business succeed was TRYING.  The day I gave my 2-weeks notice at my 9-5 was the scariest but also the most thrilling.  I gave myself permission to TRY.

5.  Work I’d do for free : Document the lives of those less fortunate (ALL OVER THE WORLD) and use it to help finance help for them to build homes, start jobs, etc. I guess that would be photojournalism right? 🙂

6.  How I made my first dollar : I was 15 and got my work permit to cook, clean, and work the register at a fast food joint in Frankfort, IL called Cristiano’s. (No longer there).  I ate WAY too many chicken nuggets on that job! HA!

7.  Last thing I binged watched : Mr. Robot – SO SO good! Watch it and get your mind BLOWN!  What else should I watch?

8.  Book that left a lasting impression on me : I haven’t read any in a while, unfortunately.  However, I did LOVE Tina Fey’s : Bossypants. That lady cracks me up and motivates me at the same time. GIRLS RULE! 😉  Any suggestions on a good one you are reading???

9.  Song I’d want played at my funeral : I always said I want a party when I die.  No wearing black, wine all around, and music that makes everyone happy.  I hate going to wake’s and funerals where everyone has to stand in silence while they cry over the loss of their loved one.  Why do I have to be quiet? I want to be loud, yell, cry, and sing.  So that being said, I’d throw some Van Halen : When It’s Love or Jump in there, but also something like Supertramp’s Downstream, and for sure some BEATLES : Blackbird, Strawberry Fields Forever, Yesterday…too many to list.

10.  If I could live in a foreign country, it would be : ITALY! Sitting at a small little restaurant sipping wine while you watch people go by in the golden sunset light.  Perfect right?!  Also, GREECE!  I’ve never been so I can’t say I’d love it (I’ve never been to Italy for that matter), but come on! With that blue water and gorgeous landscaping, what’s NOT to love about it there?  And hey, I do like Greek food a lot!

(photo by : Nicole Defilippis Photography)

11. What every woman should try once in her lifetime : TRAVEL ALONE.  Everyone needs one good trip where you drive or fly or hike alone and experience something within YOURSELF.  It changes you and builds your confidence.  You got this lady! 😉

12.  My perfect day would begin with : The smell of coffee and bacon in the kitchen (or really any breakfast food – I LOVE BREAKFAST), followed by a movie and relaxing with my Jeffrey.  Maybe a walk on the beach to follow…we have to move somewhere warm first, though. Sorry Chicago. 😉

13. My perfect day would end with : A glass of red wine, a perfect sunset view on a balcony, and a laugh about something ridiculous Jeff or I said or did that day. <3

(photo by : Elizabeth Nord Photography)

14.  One thing I’m exceptionally good at : Uplifting my peers.  I somehow find these crazy words of wisdom when people need it the most and really don’t know where it comes from.  But I know I’m helping in some way just by being there for them. 🙂

15.  One thing I’m epically bad at : Giving and listening to my OWN advice from #14. :/

16.  If I could compete in an Olympic sport, I’d like it to be : Crazy Dancing (like making up some of the weirdest and silliest moves that make people laugh, and then you win if people laugh at you the most). Sounds fun right? 😉 Oh wait, was I supposed to choose from a sport that already exists? Then Figure Skating – I am TERRIBLE at ice skating.  And by terrible, I mean, I step on the ice and I Fall…HARD..every time.  So if I could imagine myself competing in something that I’m bad at and winning…it would for sure be Figure Skating.

(photo by : Elizabeth Nord Photography)

17.  The three qualities I thought I wanted in a partner : Funny, Uplifting, Caring

18.  The three qualities I know now matter : Funny, Uplifting, Caring (I mean Jeff is all of those and they truly matter to me). <3

19.  Moment I knew I was in love : I fell hard and FAST for Jeffrey.  I knew I loved him right after we started dating. He cared so much about me and made me feel so loved that it was really easy to truly fall in love with the person he was and IS.  The moment I actually SAID IT?  We had just gotten back to my Elmwood Park apartment from a karaoke night on Madison Street in Forest Park (where we went during college for drinks).  We were sitting on the couch laughing about something silly and he just looked at me and said “I’m so in love with you.”  I was about to say the exact same thing so I immediately spit it out.  I still remember how I felt that night wanting to tell him, and waiting for when we got home.  I’ll never forget that and I hope everyone gets to feel that endless happiness in their lifetime. <3

20.  Craziest thing I did for love : I agree with Tory when she said to ask her partner, but I’m not exactly sure.  I mean, don’t you HAVE to be crazy to be in love?  So isn’t every day you are with that person the craziest thing you have ever done?  I think so. So my answer is I love him every day, without question, and unconditionally.  That’s the craziest thing I’ve done – FOR LOVE. <3 😉

Well there you have it.  20 questions answered about my life so far as it is.  It’s fun thinking about the answers.  For me, it made me happy for who I am, where I am, and the kind of person I am.  I’d love to hear and answer more questions from YOU all though.  So comment below or go to my Instagram post today and comment with something you would love to learn about me.  Clearly, as you have read from the above answers, it doesn’t need to necessarily be photography related. Hope you enjoyed the read about ME.  My challenge to you?? Try THIS and write out your answers.  It was really fun! 🙂

Happy Friday!

(photo by : Maria Harte Photography)


(Always trying to get that PERFECT shot!)

Road Trip : Chicago to Tennessee

If you follow me on INSTAGRAM, then you saw my stories through the week of this fun trip down south.  After almost a year of planning, our road trip was finally here!  I met these three lovely ladies through one of my Chicago photography communities and we became fast friends.  You will see them with me at most of my weddings helping me as 2nd shooters, and visa versa.  We are all so different, both in our personal lives, and in our photography, but that is what makes us AWESOME! 🙂  I always have a blast with these ladies and they always get me laughing.

Do you ever have that moment where you are sitting around with your friends, wine is being had, and then someone says ‘we should go on a trip!’? We decided it would be so fun to do a road trip and photograph it. (Because, hell, we are ALL photographers!). 😉

Liz (Elizabeth Nord – we call her NORD) is from Tennessee and suggested that we could go check out all of the areas where her family lived. This was such a cool idea! We got a chance to explore Nashville, Jackson, and Memphis because she had family in all three cities.  So, on a Sunday morning (more like afternoon after a small delay and quick lunch), we started out our drive to Nashville.  I did most of the driving down so the girls could all sleep. (Believe me, owning your own business is TIRING.  Any chance for extra sleep is readily welcomed).  After a few stops (especially in Elizabethtown, KY because it’s ELIZABETHtown, duh!), and close to 9 hours in the car, we made it to Brentwood where Liz’s amazing Aunt Mary greeted us with wine. (Needless to say, we became fast friends.)  Her Aunt, Uncle, and cousin were all so kind and welcoming.  We were all EXHAUSTED…can you tell? haha!

Here is our TN story :

(Make sure to check out Nicki, Maria, and Liz‘s sites for more on our trip when they post!)

We were all excited to sleep in and enjoy a relaxing morning at Aunt Mary’s.

Then we spotted a tree house in the backyard…time to play!

After an afternoon walking around Franklin, we made our way to downtown Nashville for dinner (but first we explored Printer’s alley).  It was perfect for a few photos before the rain came down.

– iPhone pictures 🙂 –– iPhone pictures 🙂 –After dinner at Puckett‘s and some amazing live music, we made our way down to the strip and explored a few other live performances before heading home.

*   *   *   *   *   *

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE taking tours when I visit a new city.  Our first official tour was at the Grand Ole Opry House.

Of course we take tourist pictures! 😉

There is so much history in this place, and whether you are a country fan or not, it’s pretty cool to see.

There is an actual mail room for inductees where mail gets delivered.

So, if you send fan mail to your favorite country music artist, it gets delivered here.

We got to see where all of the music artists wait before they go on stage.  All the rooms were so different and SO detailed.

In 2010, there was a HUGE flood in TN and most of the Grand Ole Opry was under water.

You can see the floodline marked below, as well as the stain in the mural where the water came up.

Our tour took us from the artist entrance, to the waiting rooms, and in through the back of the stage to see where the family sits to watch their loved ones perform.

All of the visitors get to have their picture taken on the iconic wooden circle, the original wood where all the singers have stood before.

It was kind of funny having 4 photographers get their photo taken together. 😉

(You immediately check out what his photo setup is, ha!)

As we were standing there getting our picture taken, I looked down and realized THAT was the picture I wanted to take…we were standing where so many artists stood before us.  Now, us 4 photography artists got to stand there together for a picture.  It was pretty darn cool.

Don’t get me wrong though, this one was pretty cute of the four of us! 🙂

I’m so glad we did this tour. That place was really fun to explore!Soon after, we decided to head more into the downtown area as the sun was starting to set.

We were searching for some cool areas in Nashville for…what else…head shots!

When 4 photographers travel together, why WOULDN’T you take each other’s pictures?! 😉

*   *   *   *   *   *

As we were driving in, we saw this amazing building to our right surrounded by cherry blossom trees and some cool art.

Of course we parked there!

As we drove into the parking lot, I saw this wall and old train on display IN THE SUN, and I immediately starting snapping away.

Shooting in the sun = MY JAM! 🙂

Steps outside of the parking lot, we found this white wall with some fun greenery around it.

And there we stayed for quite a while. LOL!

We decided to start with one person and the rest of us would shoot.  Check out Nord ROCKING these pictures!

That LOOK on the right – ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Hey HEY lady!

Maria got me in action (LEFT) shooting Nord and her awesome laugh (RIGHT).

Maria’s turn!!! <3

Love that smile lady!

Maria is my shawty – standing barely 5 ft tall (and I’m 5’9”), we cover ALL angles. 😉

HAHA LOVE these of you lovely!

My favorite pictures to take are of people genuinely laughing.  These make me so happy!

Nicki was up next and girl with those eyelashes was ROCKING IT!

I mean, COME ONE with that gorgeous smile lady! <3

I found these later that Nicki took when she grabbed my camera – I can’t wait to see more of what the girls got of ME! 🙂

I made a spontaneous purchase at this cute store in Franklin called Jondie – LOVE my new hat and long vest!

As we were walking to a new spot the SUN flares SHOWED UP!

(and so did our silliness! HAHA Nord!)


Me taking a picture of the ladies taking a picture of me – HA!

And then we found our spot – no literally – we stayed here for the rest of our shoot. HA!

(So much for downtown photos of each other! Hey, when you find good light, you USE it!) 😉

Maria, you are the CUTEST!


Then Nord comes in and busts out the SULTRY looks!

But I’m telling ya, I LOVE those laughing pictures.


Especially this one of Nicki!

You look so cute here girl!

Oh hey, just walking away into the sun…ha! 🙂

Two hours into shooting, we were having WAY too much fun!

OF COURSE I set up the camera for a group shot!

To the streets of Nashville we went exploring…The at&t (aka BATMAN) building.We checked out a bunch of places on the strip, including ACME with this amazing rooftop view.My favorite thing about Nashville : almost every bar had a live band (WITH NO COVER).

That’s basically unheard of in Chicago.We had dinner at The Stillery that night and then walked around and took in the night life of Nashville.  Our night in Nashville ended at Benchmark listening to some AMAZING artists sing both original and cover songs.

You really do need more than a few days to explore this city.  I can’t wait to go back!

*   *   *   *   *   *

The next morning we had brunch with Nord’s Aunt at the famous Loveless Cafe before hitting the road again.

I made sure to buy some of their famous jam for my own breakfast at home. For sure another favorite thing about TN so far was THE FOOD! We made sure to try everything that each area was known for, whether it was hot chicken, biscuits, or BBQ. Can you say YUM?!A few hours down the road and we made our way to Nord’s hometown area.

We planned to meet up with both her mom and mother-in-law for lunch in Jackson.

Nord had told us all about her mom and her sweet nature, but man are they so much alike!

So much laughter under their sweet southern accent.  Their happy nature was so infectious. <3After lunch, we drove to her parent’s home, the home where Nord grew up.  Talk about a difference form her current Chicago home!

Check out this view!  After a few miles of empty roads and open fields, we made it.


Right away, we all felt at home.

Momma McGee opened the wine and made the coffee and we all relaxed on the porch while she told us some hilarious stories.

We also got to met Nord’s ridiculously sweet friend Caroline.  I felt like we had known her for years.<3

So much laughter in this house…

🙂 🙂 🙂

After a while, we decided to take the four wheeler’s and ride over their tree house…

And when I say tree-house, I mean a HOUSE in a TREE. This place was crazy cool! You can actually live in there!

After some dinner, the rain came for a bit, soon followed by the most beautiful rainbow that just happened to sit right on top of their home.


(These pictures don’t do it justice.)

Nicki snapped this cute picture of us all hanging out before we headed back home. LOVE IT!I mean, look at this view! This home was like a vacation AT HOME – a STAYCATION! <3After a VERY early bedtime (we all passed out around 8! Road trips are tiring yo!), we woke up to a gorgeous sunny day.

I wanted to take as many pictures of their property as possible. It was so peaceful there.

HAHA! I loved all the dogs in this family.  So loving and playful.  This one is Nellie – who did NOT want us to leave.  She actually ran and followed our car all the way down the driveway when we left. (She had never done that before). Just loved her!

Then there was sweet Leaper – Aunt Mary’s dog – who had the sweetest nature about her. <3

Thank you Mom and Dad McGee for hosting us! Your home is amazing!

Their neighbors? Oh, just a bunch of cows. (I’m sure many in Chicago can say the same thing.) 😉

A happy Nord ready to go visit her brother and sister in Memphis.

Like I said before, we wanted to experience the food that was famous in every town.

We had hot chicken at Hattie B’s in Nashville, and then we tried BBQ at Central BBQ in Memphis!  IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!

I’ll for sure being heading back to TN for the food if nothing else!

*   *  *  *   *

Before heading downtown to meet Nord’s siblings, we decided to do another tour…

GRACELAND!!! Time for some Elvis!

We took a shuttle to Elvis’s home and got headphones and iPads for a cool interactive tour while you walked around the rooms where he once lived.

Let me tell you, there were some INTERESTING rooms in this house…and stairwells.  The 60s & 70s were, how do we say this…’unique‘.

I mean, WHOA!

This was the Jungle Room : inspired by Hawaii.

Lisa Maria (Elvis’s daughter) said this was one of her favorite’s as a kid.

The backyard was where he had a place for horses and all of his cars…keep scrolling to see those!

The tour was pretty cool.  We got to learn about his family history and saw gifts that fans had sent to him.

They even had their wedding attire on display. (I could SO see someone wearing that today!)

P.S. How handsome was he?! <3

HI! 🙂

Into the recreation room where he played a last game of racquetball with friends before his death later on in the bathroom.

The family graves are all in the backyard under a HUGE white cross, just behind the swimming pool.

Our tour included a look at all of his classic cars on display…

The famous Pink Cadillac that he gifted to his mom.

Next, a tour of his first awards…


And finally, on to the WARDROBE!

(There were so many!)

And so much detail…

Quotes that we as wedding photographers should remember going into each new wedding.

William Speer was the photographer who took some of his first promotional photos.

(Oh to be a fly on THAT wall.)

On to downtown Memphis we went to make it to The Peabody by 5pm to see the Duck March.

To be honest, when Nord first asked us if we wanted to see the ducks march, I thought WHAT?! Ducks march where? I had no clue the history behind it.

The hotel itself was so elegant and historic.  As we walked in, it was already overcrowded with people trying to get any sort of view of these famous ducks.

Here is a little history on them : Peabody DUCKS

Maria and I were on one side of the 2nd floor balcony watching the presentation.

As the conductor directed the ducks to the elevator, we ran to be one of the first to the rooftop.

When we got up, there were only a handful of people there and we didn’t see any ducks.

Moments later we heard ‘Quack, quack, quack!’ and turned to see our own front row view of the famous animals making their way across the rooftop.

This was the coolest view!

Maria got some fun videos and as we saw the ducks jump into their rooftop home, she turned and we both couldn’t stop laughing.

That was the cutest!

Later, I realized the duck march was actually referenced in an episode of ‘THIS IS US’.

Have you seen that show? If not, grab a box (or several) of tissues.  So good! <3

A gorgeous day to be on The Peabody rooftop.

At sunset, we made our way to the famous Beale street in downtown Memphis.

We had another amazing dinner with Nord’s brother, sister-in-law, sister, and brother-in-law, and made our way to the nightlife of Memphis.

These beauts! <3  I love this picture!

I had the best week with these beautiful people and I’m so grateful to call them my close friends. <3

I handed my camera to Lauren, Nord’s sister, and we got to get some pictures of the 4 of us.

HA! We are crazy!

🙂 🙂 🙂

Nord with her sister and sister-in-law, both named Lauren.

And to top off the night – a fun sibling picture.  You all are so cute!

*   *   *   *   *

I am so grateful for this trip! I had more fun than I can say and I can’t wait for our next one!


To all of you who hosted us, I can’t thank you all enough for your sweet hospitality.  There is something about that Southern charm.  I felt so welcomed the entire time and loved meeting you all.

To my beautiful friends (Nord, Maria, and Nicki) : I LOVE YOU! Thank you all for an unforgettable trip! I’ll never forget this week we had together.  You all amaze me and I am truly so honored to call you some of my best friends.

If you haven’t been to TN yet, pack and up and GO! Such a fun place and I can’t wait to explore it more in the future.


Johanna + Amy + Brandon : Family Day in Grant Park

Oh my goodness I get so excited when I get to meet up with this cutie pie again! Loved this sunny Chicago morning with JoJo, Amy, & Brandon.  You might remember their last session out in FRANKFORT.

JoJo, just about to turn 2, had me running all over the place.  Pretty much, this is her world, and we are just living in it. 😉

I mean, as soon as I showed up and took out my camera, these are the smiles I got. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! <3

I knew this session would be fun!

The weather this week has been pretty dreary in Chicago, but on this day, we got ALL the pretty sunlight!

And sunshine and chasing JoJo makes for BIG smiles. 🙂

The image on the left is the BEFORE : The right is the AFTER (poor little thing fell right on her face.) :/

Just a cute little family enjoying the city view.

Like I said, it’s JoJo’s world. 😉

What fall? This girl was all smiles minutes later.


The best thing about cooler Spring mornings in Chicago…hanging out at Buckingham Fountain BEFORE it’s on.

We were the only ones around! PERFECT!

JoJo had so much room for running!

That sky though! Such a gorgeous day!

Love that family hug! So sweet! <3

I had major shoe envy with JoJo all morning. 😉

How cute is this picture on the left of mom and dad alone? 🙂

Mom and daughter pics are the best!

Now THIS should be the ‘JOJO’S WORLD‘ picture.

Dad’s are the BEST!

How do we end this session?

With a family run of course!

So much fun with these 3 always!

Thank you all for such a beautiful morning downtown. I still can’t over how fast Johanna is growing.

Until next time…


2017 Shoot & Share Contest – RESULTS!

This year’s results are LIVE!

I was a part of another Shoot & Share contest in 2017.  What is it? Click HERE to find out more.


Just like in 2014, 2015, & 2016, I submitted some of my favorite images to be voted on.  The best part about this contest is WE, the photographers, get to vote for one another.  We are given 4 photos at a time when the contest starts in each category and you simply click your favorite.

These are the categories :

Each year I get more and more inspired by photographers all over the world.  It is exciting to see so much talent all in one place, and how cool to be a part of something where for one time each year, you feel uplifted by your peers.  While my initial reaction to this contest is nothing short of awe, I am ultimately humbled when I get to see how many people voted, and even better, marked one of my photos as their favorite.  I am truly grateful for all of you talented people involved this year and for all of my clients who made these photos possible.

This year, 26 of my photos made it through several rounds!  Here is how they placed :

TOP 100! 

CATEGORY : Details : Cake, Flowers, & Decor

ROUND : 12/12

PLACEMENT : 65/7,635

WHO : Emily & Emily’s Wedding at Emerson Creek


CATEGORY : The Wedding Party

ROUND : 12/12

PLACEMENT : 280/10,037

WHO : Maricay & Anthony’s Wedding : Patrick C. Haley Mansion, Joliet, IL

TOP 10%! 

CATEGORY : The Wedding Party

ROUND : 9/12

PLACEMENT : 931/10,037

WHO : Christine & Riley’s Wedding : Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago, IL

TOP 10%! 

CATEGORY : Details : All Dressed Up!

ROUND : 10/12

PLACEMENT : 602/6,395

WHO : Maricay & Anthony’s Wedding : Patrick C. Haley Mansion, Joliet, IL

TOP 10%! 

CATEGORY : The Wedding Couple

ROUND : 8/12

PLACEMENT : 3,334/35,527

WHO : Jane & Sam’s Wedding : Summit Music Hall, Denver, CO

TOP 10%! 

CATEGORY : Children : Kids/Teens

ROUND : 8/12

PLACEMENT : 2,264/23,969

WHO : Zoey : Family Session, Tinley Park, IL

TOP 10%! 

CATEGORY : Details : Cake, Flowers, & Decor

ROUND : 10/12

PLACEMENT : 533/7,635

WHO : Kelly & Matt’s Wedding : Patrick C. Haley Mansion, Joliet, IL

TOP 10%! 

CATEGORY : Families

ROUND : 9/12

PLACEMENT : 988/22,299

WHO : Arabian Family, Boulder, CO

TOP 10%! 

CATEGORY : Just The Bride

ROUND : 8/12

PLACEMENT : 1,282/13,834

WHO : Alexa & Kyle’s Wedding : The Morton Arboretum, Lisle, IL

TOP 20%! 

CATEGORY : The Wedding Couple

ROUND : 7/12

PLACEMENT : 4,239/35,527

WHO : Alexa & Kyle’s Wedding : The Morton Arboretum, Lisle, IL

TOP 20%! 

CATEGORY : Engagement & Couples

ROUND : 8/12

PLACEMENT : 3,352/32,282

WHO : Jane & Sam’s Engagement : Eldorado Springs Canyon Park, CO

TOP 20%! 

CATEGORY : The Wedding Party

ROUND : 7/12

PLACEMENT : 1,600/10,037

WHO : Alexa & Kyle’s Wedding : The Morton Arboretum, Lisle, IL

TOP 20%! 

CATEGORY : Children : Kids/Teens

ROUND : 7/12

PLACEMENT : 3,578/23,969

WHO : Arabian Family, Boulder, CO

TOP 20%! 

CATEGORY : That Just Happened

ROUND : 8/12

PLACEMENT : 733/4,317

WHO : Arabian Family, Boulder, CO

TOP 20%! 

CATEGORY : Details : Cake, Flowers, & Decor

ROUND : 7/12

PLACEMENT : 1,424/7,635

WHO : Christine & Riley’s Wedding : Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago, IL

TOP 20%! 

CATEGORY : Details : Cake, Flowers, & Decor

ROUND : 8/12

PLACEMENT : 896/7,635

WHO : Christine & Riley’s Wedding : Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago, IL

TOP 20%! 

CATEGORY : Just The Bride

ROUND : 7/12

PLACEMENT : 2,407/13,834

WHO : Jane & Sam’s Wedding : Summit Music Hall, Denver, CO

TOP 30%! 

CATEGORY : Details : All Dressed Up

ROUND : 6/12

PLACEMENT : 1,613/6,395

WHO : Saba & Saad’s Wedding : Nikah Ceremony, Frankfort, IL

TOP 30%! 

CATEGORY : The Wedding Party

ROUND : 6/12

PLACEMENT : 2,247/10,037

WHO : Maricay & Anthony’s Wedding : Patrick C. Haley Mansion, Joliet, IL

TOP 30%! 

CATEGORY : The Wedding Couple

ROUND : 6/12

PLACEMENT : 8,425/35,527

WHO : Ali & Brian’s Wedding : The Onion Pub & Brewery, Lake Barrington, IL

TOP 30%! 

CATEGORY : The Wedding Couple

ROUND : 6/12

PLACEMENT : 7,991/35,527

WHO : Kelly & Matt’s Wedding : Patrick C. Haley Mansion, Joliet, IL

TOP 30%! 

CATEGORY : The Wedding Couple

ROUND : 6/12

PLACEMENT : 10,258/35,527

WHO : Kelsey & Brian’s Wedding : The J.Parker Hotel, Chicago, IL

TOP 30%! 

CATEGORY : The Wedding Couple

ROUND : 6/12

PLACEMENT : 8,451/35,527

WHO : Emily & Emily’s Wedding : Emerson Creek Pottery & Tearoom, Oswego, IL

TOP 30%! 

CATEGORY : Details : Cake, Flowers, & Decor

ROUND : 6/12

PLACEMENT : 1,641/7,635

WHO : Christine & Riley’s Wedding : Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago, IL

TOP 30%! 

CATEGORY : Families

ROUND : 6/12

PLACEMENT : 5,487/22,299

WHO : DiCaro Family, Grant Park, Chicago, IL

TOP 30%! 

CATEGORY : Details : All Dressed Up

ROUND : 6/12

PLACEMENT : 1,872/6,395

WHO : Kelsey & Brian’s Wedding : The J. Parker Hotel, Chicago, IL

I am beyond honored to have made it as far as I did this year.   To see all of the top winners and their amazing work, click HERE!

I can’t wait to start compiling my favorite images this year for 2018’s contest! Thank you to all of my wonderful clients for helping to create these outstanding images. YOU made these placements possible!

Last but not least, a HUGE thank you to all of the voters!!! Each year, you all continue to inspire me and I can’t wait to see everyone’s work in next year’s contest!

Until then,


~Elizabeth Greve Photography

Laura Acton - Congratulations! I love all of the images you submitted!

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